An Utterly Unique Homecoming Queen

The homecoming queen election in the fall of 1926 was definitely one for the books. With only 10,000 students enrolled and 12,000 votes cast, the election had some irregularities. The winner of the election was Rosalind Morrison, who withdrew once these irregularities came to light. The runner-up was Maudine Ormsby, a candidate from the College of Agriculture. Maudine was actually a Holstein cow, but that did not keep her from being crowned and appearing in the Homecoming Parade, although she did have to miss the dance that was held in her honor.

Maudine the cow poses as Homecoming Queen

Today in the lower level of the Ohio Union, the Maudine Cow room honors Maudine’s memory and our rich land grant and agriculture history here at Ohio State. The Maudine Cow room is perfect for smaller size gatherings.  You can see all the details on this space here.

The Ohio Union is a great place to catch the annual Homecoming Parade on Friday, October 9. The parade begins at 6 p.m. at Ohio Stadium and will end at the Ohio Union. Along the parade route, there will be six grand stand areas with food and drinks at each. Following the parade, the Homecoming Pep Rally will be taking place in the Great Hall of the Ohio Union with appearances by the 2015 Homecoming Court and the football team. Be sure to follow the sOUrce for more Ohio Union updates and events.