An Utterly Unique Homecoming Queen

The homecoming queen election in the fall of 1926 was definitely one for the books. With only 10,000 students enrolled and 12,000 votes cast, the election had some irregularities. The winner of the election was Rosalind Morrison, who withdrew once these irregularities came to light. The runner-up was Maudine Ormsby, a candidate from the College of Agriculture. Maudine was actually a Holstein cow, but that did not keep her from being crowned and appearing in the Homecoming Parade, although she did have to miss the dance that was held in her honor.

Maudine the cow poses as Homecoming Queen

Today in the lower level of the Ohio Union, the Maudine Cow room honors Maudine’s memory and our rich land grant and agriculture history here at Ohio State. The Maudine Cow room is perfect for smaller size gatherings.  You can see all the details on this space here.

The Ohio Union is a great place to catch the annual Homecoming Parade on Friday, October 9. The parade begins at 6 p.m. at Ohio Stadium and will end at the Ohio Union. Along the parade route, there will be six grand stand areas with food and drinks at each. Following the parade, the Homecoming Pep Rally will be taking place in the Great Hall of the Ohio Union with appearances by the 2015 Homecoming Court and the football team. Be sure to follow the sOUrce for more Ohio Union updates and events.

Five Autumn Traditions You’ll Fall in Love With

Even though autumn semester began a month ago, today marks the official first day of fall. Enjoy the nice weather by partaking in these five fall traditions:

  1. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes at Espress-OH

When you think of fall, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes may come to mind. Espress-OH brews a fabulous rendition of your favorite autumn drink. Make sure you come to the Union to spice up your day and take advantage of this seasonal offer!

Crimson Cup's Pumpkin Spiced Latte

  1. Buckeye Grove

Take a stroll through a bit of Buckeye history in the Buckeye Grove. It currently features 186 buckeye trees, one for every First Team All American in Ohio State history. Nameplates line the sidewalks with the history and tradition of Ohio State while also leaving room for the future of Buckeye football to be represented in the grove.

Buckeye Grove, located by Lincoln and Morrill Towers

  1. Oval Leaves

Watch the “seasons pass” as the Oval transforms from a bed of green to a vibrant color pallet. ‘Time and change’ will surely show the beauty of our campus (and the Oval provides some great Instagram worthy moments.) While this may not be a tradition per se, it’s always nice to get outside and enjoy the crisp autumn air while exploring campus.

Picture of fall leaves by Orton Tower

  1. Football Games

Nothing screams fall more than the cheers from The Shoe on game day.  Years of tradition and excellence are embedded within the football program, and you can’t deny the spirit of Ohio State football. Whether you’re watching from home or cheering from the stands, here are some tips on how you can Go Nuts for the Buckeyes!

Picture of students at football game

  1. Homecoming Parade

Ohio State has a long history of homecoming, with the first “Alumni Day” beginning as early as 1880. Homecoming celebrates the tradition and excellence of Ohio State students, past and present. This year, from October 5-10, we will celebrate what it means to be a Buckeye. With events throughout the week, homecoming culminates with a parade on Friday, then the Homecoming Game on Saturday, where the Homecoming King and Queen are announced.

Picture of Big 10 float in homecoming parade

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