The CFAES Wooster Campus will host the Scarlet, Gray and Green Fair on Friday, April 22, 2022 to celebrate the 52nd Anniversary of Earth Day. This festival celebrates, educates and demonstrates ways to move toward a sustainable, circular  economy and to participate in the Decade of Action. Free to the public, the fair features exhibits by businesses, non-profits and educational groups whose focus is improving community and global sustainability. It will include opportunties for the recycling of hard to recycle items, food vendors, a Green Car Cruise In, as well as tours of the Arboretum and the quasar anaerobic digester in a fun-filled indoor and outdoor environment in and around the new Secrest Arboretum Center.

The Scarlet, Gray and Green Fair is held every other year around Earth day. It is an all day, zero waste, community event organized by the Wayne County Sustainable Energy network.

The  Related image Renewable Energy Workshop will be held concurrently with the Green Fair, from 10:00 am – 12:15 pm in the Miller pavilion (#5 in map). The Workshop will feature presentations on; Evidence and mitigation of climate change, Environmental threats and degradation caused by fossil fuel use and extraction in Ohio, the current state of recycling, Green Energy Ohio‘s vision for Ohio renewable energy, DIY installation of solar energy systems, and Sustainability efforts at OSU Wooster.

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Fred Michel

Dianna Stahl (Exhibitors)

The Secrest Center


The coronavirus is serious enough, but it’s worth recalling that there’s a much greater horror approaching. We are racing to the edge of disaster, far worse than anything that’s happened in human history. …there are two immense threats that we’re facing. One is the growing threat of nuclear war… the other, of course, is the growing threat of global warming. Both threats can be dealt [with], but there isn’t a lot of time. If we don’t deal with them, we’re done”.

Noam Chomsky