The 2022 Scarlet, Gray and Green Fair will offer drop-off recycling for “hard to recycle” and common items, as well as Goodwill donations, among three campus locations.


Please bring your recyclables between 10 am and 4 pm (unless otherwise indicated by the vendor in the list below) to the drive-through drop-off location behind the Facilities Services/Physical Plant Building on the OSU Wooster Campus. To get to the drive-through recycling station, turn onto Secrest Road and follow the signs: enter campus on Pounden Road, turn left and proceed to the appropriate labelled stop, container, pallet box or bin to deposit your recyclable materials. Volunteers will be there to help guide you.

The following household residential materials will be accepted at this location (no commercial, industrial, county, municipal or township items will be accepted). More information can be found by following the links next to each set of items. Collection bins/boxes will be grouped by recycling organization as listed.

  • Sanmandy – Shredding of confidential paper documents (10 am to 1 pm only)Sanmandy Recycling Company. Limit of 3 boxes/household.
  • eCycle Solutions – Small electronics waste – eCycle Solutions of Ohio. List of acceptable materials. No wet cell batteries. No large appliances, CRT (cathode ray tube) TVs or CRT computer monitors.
  • Bicycles, helmets, locks (with keys or combinations) – Wooster Bike Crew
  • Usable clothes and household goods (10 am – 2:30 pm only)Goodwill Industries
  • Scrap metal
  • Dry cell household batteries (prior to drop-off, please sort batteries and tape terminals if required) –

    • (No Wet Cell batteries accepted, e.g. Car, AGM or boat batteries)
    • BIN 1 – Lithium batteries of any voltage (look at battery label to determine)
    •             Terminals must be taped.
    • BIN 2 – Non-lithium batteries less than or equal to 9 volts                                              
    •             Terminal taping not necessary.
    • BIN 3 – Non-lithium greater than 9 volts
    •             Terminals must be taped.
  • Light bulbs including tubes
    • BIN 4 – Fluorescent tubes only
    • BIN 5 – Other bulbs (including CFL, incandescent, LED)
  • Household compostable organics including food scraps and paper


Medway expired, unused and or unwanted prescriptions and medications Medway. An anonymous dropbox will be available inside the Secrest Education & Welcome Center for drugs. No syringes, needles or infectious materials. For questions or more information, contact Medway at: (330) 262-0064 or by text at TIP411 (847-411).


Paper, plastic bottles, cans, glass, cardboard – You can deposit these common recyclable materials at the new CFAES recycling center (map here). This site is a partnership between OSU and the Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Recycling District.

Other Recycling Opportunities in our Community

  •  AEP has a rebate program for some large appliances.
  •  The Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Solid Waste District has recycling events throughout the year and a search function on their website for how to recycle various materials. They have recycling locations throughout the county including behind the Milltown Buehlers in Wooster and now on the CFAES Wooster (OARDC) Campus.
  •  Wooster Bike Composting has a subscriber program for household organics available year round.