Still accepting applications!

We are still accepting applications after the April 1st deadline. Students who apply at this time may be added to a waitlist and accepted as spots become available. Students will be notified if they have been added to the waitlist and again if a spot opens up in the program and they are accepted.

Priority consideration for housing is not available for students who are not accepted by April 15th.

Now Accepting 2024-2025 Applications

We hope you consider applying to one of the most incredible student success programs at Ohio State Newark! The application now available, which you can access under the “Application” tab on the left-hand navigation bar. Students are encouraged to pay their non-refundable Ohio State Acceptance Fee by this time as well, if applicable.There is no fee to apply to the learning community. Our program is free and is for the primary purpose to support our students in their success!

If you have questions, please leave a comment on this site or call 740-755-7881.

We look forward to receiving your application and working with you as you become a Buckeye next fall!


What is Scarlet And Gray Excellence (SAGE)?

Scarlet and Gray Excellence (SAGE) is a learning community that forms an academic and social community that was designed to assist underrepresented students (ex: American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Island, multiracial) in achieving academic success and develop a sense of belonging to increase retention. Through its emphasis on multicultural education and self-awareness, students will strengthen their leadership skills and work towards increasing respect for differences. Students will be immersed in a multicultural curriculum that is reflective of different cultures and realities, and will be equipped with the knowledge base to bring about change for a just society. Students, who participate in SAGE can expect to work closely with an academic success coach and peer mentors as they learn about study skill strategies, take core classes in a cohort-based model, participate in private group study table sessions to build a team of support.

Additionally, students will gain the opportunity to  make connections with SAGE faculty members to enrich their overall experience. Students take four common courses throughout the year, which includes two general education courses and two arts and science courses specifically designed for
students in SAGE. Students take only two courses with SAGE in each semester which allows them the opportunity to take major specific courses as well.

The learning community creates opportunities for students to form partnerships with each other and build professional connections. Student centered social and cultural events are designed to create opportunities for exposure and social connectedness.

Who are the participants?

  • Students who desire to immerse themselves in multiculturalism and demonstrate respect for differences.
  • Making connections with faculty are important for students who want to experience success academically and within their major.
  • Students who are interested in connecting their personal experiences with the curriculum in the learning community courses.
  • Students are in their first-year of college. Students who participate in college preparatory programs and enrolled in college courses while in high school are eligible.
  • 40 applicants will be accepted.


Benefits include:

  • Students will have the opportunity to engage in out-of-class experiences and trips for hands-on applications to courses and different majors. In the past, students have engaged in some of the following experiences:
    • Trip to OSU’s very own Stone Lab in conjunction with the Introduction to Environmental Science course
    • Tour of the Columbus campus to prepare for their transition
    • Visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art with the Buckeye Generation Learning Community
    • Visited Washington D.C. to see different museums and the D.C. mall area
    • Attended the “Black Violins” concert with the Buckeye Generation Learning Community
  • Peer mentors plan social and cultural events for participants to build strong connections with their peers
  • Immersed in a multicultural curriculum taken together as a cohort create unique learning environment and opportunities for students to fulfill general education requirements for all majors
  • Support for the transition to the Columbus campus, if that is your plan
  • Students can receive a $500 academic scholarship if they submit their application by the April 1st deadline
  • Receive priority consideration for Newark Campus Residence Hall housing for those who apply to the learning community by April 1.


Application process

  • Students interested in becoming a member of Scarlet and Gray Excellence should complete the SAGE Application for full consideration.
  • Applicants are encouraged to pay their Ohio State Newark Acceptance Fee for full consideration for SAGE.

Student Testimonials

“I liked the number of events that we had. I think that SAGE, specifically, is very important because there aren’t a lot of other spaces that we can talk about cultural things or struggles and be understood.”

“I made great friendships that will carry out onto [Columbus] campus. I learned a lot through the classes and trips we took and enjoyed the challenge of getting to know people with different backgrounds.”