Your Academic Peer Coaches

Your Peer Coaches


Kaya Boone was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. They are in their second year and they plan to Major in Art at The Ohio State University at Newark and Minor in Women’s Gender & Sexuality. After graduating, Kaya wants to work in animation, photography, or run a small business. They love to play video games, draw, sing, and listen to music. Kaya hopes to be a positive person to all the students they work with and hopes to inspire individuals, like them, to achieve their callings in life.

Sauren Hatchett-Graham was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She graduated from Reynoldsburg High School. Currently, she is a second-year business Major at The Ohio State University, Newark. After graduation, she plans on getting a job in her field of business. She loves to read, help others, and learn. She hopes to inspire others as she continues her education.