The Extraordinary Experience

The STEP program here at the Ohio State University advertises that the program is “Creating the Extraordinary Student Experience” and so far they are hitting the mark. With a $2,000 stipend incentive to use in the areas of study abroad, leadership, community service, internships, and creative and artistic endeavors, the STEP program is helping students realize their otherwise elusive goals. A few meetings and a possible project are small prices to pay on the road to following your ambitions. The program is helping me to realize my “extraordinary” goal to study abroad in India during this upcoming May Session through the College of Engineering. Along the way, I am finding that I am making connections with my faculty leader and other members within my cohort – a goal that I had not previously intended to achieve when I entered the program. STEP is also helping me understand that my study abroad experience is not limited to my own personal gain. My experience, as well as the respective experience’s of those in the program, will be an opportunity to help educate other students at the Ohio State University and advance the university as a whole.