Journal Club

The goal of the PHIB Lab Journal Club is to provide an opportunity for students and lab members to read and discuss literature that explores the application and development of informatics and biostatistics methodology for problems related to population health.  The Journal Club meets monthly throughout the semester.  Please contact Dr. Conroy or Dr. Kline if you are interested in learning more or participating in the Journal Club.

Spring 2021 Schedule: 3-4 PM virtually

Methods for Social Epidemiology

  • January 28: Machine Learning in Social Epidemiology
    • Whitney R Robinson, Audrey Renson, Ashley I Naimi, Teaching yourself about structural racism will improve your machine learning, Biostatistics, Volume 21, Issue 2, April 2020, Pages 339–344,
    • Catherine Kreatsoulas, S.V. Subramanian, Machine learning in social epidemiology: Learning from experience, SSM – Population Health, Volume 4, 2018, Pages 347-349,
  • February 25: Assessing Heterogeneous Policies
    • Silvia S. Martins, William Ponicki, Nathan Smith, Ariadne Rivera-Aguirre, Corey S. Davis, David S. Fink, Alvaro Castillo-Carniglia, Stephen G. Henry, Brandon D.L. Marshall, Paul Gruenewald, Magdalena Cerdá, Prescription drug monitoring programs operational characteristics and fatal heroin poisoning, International Journal of Drug Policy, Volume 74, 2019, Pages 174-180,
    • Optional: Smith, N.Martins, S. S.Kim, J.Rivera‐Aguirre, A.Fink, D. S.Castillo‐Carniglia, A.Henry, S. G.Mooney, S. J.Marshall, B. D. L.Davis, C., and Cerdá, M. (2019A typology of prescription drug monitoring programs: a latent transition analysis of the evolution of programs from 1999 to 2016Addiction114248-258
  • March 25: Ethical Machine Learning
    • Irene Y. Chen, Emma Pierson, Sherri Rose, Shalmali Joshi, Kadija Ferryman, Marzyeh Ghassemi. (2020) Ethical machine learning in health care.
  • April 22: COVID-19 Healthcare Encounters and Race 

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