A Semester in Review

This past semester has taught me a lot about managing my time and learning how to function without as much guidance or help that I’m used to. I’ve realized that throughout the first few months of being here, I’ve already had to become more independent and rely on myself for things that I would have previously had my family or peers to help me with. Although this semester was very difficult at times, it helped stress how bad it is to procrastinate and I’ve noticed that now I try to finish things ahead of time. Overall, this semester has been both very fun but has also taught me how to improve my habits going into the second semester.

Trip to Columbus Zoo

This semester, I visited the Columbus Zoo and took a behind the scenes tour of the manatee exhibit with some of my fellow Biological Science Scholars. While there, I learned a lot about how the Columbus Zoo rescues different manatees for rehabilitation before sending them back into the wild. I also learned about the different mannerisms and behaviors of manatees and how smart and intelligent they truly are. Through this experience, I gained a greater understanding of the environment and living conditions of manatees and more about their biology, as well as how important different factors can be in aiding in providing for a sustainable environment.

A Year in Review

So far, this year I have learned a lot about myself. I learned that I am very well capable of leading a large group of people and taking charge of a situation. This time last year, I didn’t have much confidence in my ability to lead others and I though of myself as a follower, but after attending various seminars and participating in different activities and situations where my abilities were tested, I knew that I did in fact have the ability to take charge and be a leader. This past year, I also gained the confidence in myself in knowing that when I work hard for something, I am able to achieve my goals and pursue what I set out for myself and the future aspirations I have. I know that if I work hard enough, I can achieve many if not all, of the either short or long term goals I have set.

Shree-G Grocers

Shree-G Grocers is a local Asian Grocery Store and I started working there in high school. Working there helped me to develop my people and communication skills. It helped me to learn how to communicate with people when there was a slight language barrier as well because on many occasions, someone would ask me to find a product of which they only knew the name in a different language and I would have to figure out what product they were looking for. My experience there also helped me to learn the basics of inventory and how to run and handle money in a register.

BAPS Hindu Temple

I have continuously been a member of the BAPS Hindu Temple since the age of 7 and since then, I have been been able to gain more leadership responsibility and also attend multiple conventions to help develop my communication skills and help me better my temple. These conventions are held in different temples around the midwestern area, and while there, I attended various seminars and participated in different activities that taught me how to better my leadership skills and how to network with my surrounding community to help boost the attendance at my temple. While there, such skills of mine were able to grow and I learned how to better take care of my temple and lead it to a new progressive era. The skills I learned not only apply to my temple, but in everyday situations as well. I now know how teach others new skills, solve problems in large groups, etc.



Service Engagement

I plan on continuing on my engagement in a hospital environment by volunteering at the Wexner Center in my free time. I also plan on participating in many more long and short term service opportunities through me being involved in the Biological Sciences Scholars group because there are many opportunities presented to us to go out and volunteer at different events like at restaurants, runs, etc. I will also engage in service through the Volunteers Around the World Dental Club as they go out and help in the community through different events as well.

Leadership Development

My hope in developing my leadership skills is to continuously be involved with different clubs on campus that interest me and be a strong and outspoken member so that in future years, I can apply for leadership positions within the clubs. I’m currently aiming to continue my involvement with the Volunteers Around the World Dental Club so that I can, in the next few years, develop a leadership role and take on more responsibility. The same goes for the Indian Student Association.

Academic Enrichment

I have planned to pursue academic enrichment through the coursework that I plan on taking. I chose Neuroscience, with a focus on dentistry, as my major because I knew I would do well because I am genuinely interested in the material that the coursework entails. While I have yet decided upon what minor to pursue, I plan on choosing one that although may not be typical, will help me in my plan on having a private practice after dental school. So I will possibly be deciding upon something near the business aspect. My GE courses will most likely be chosen based upon those that align well with my intention of going to dental school or my desire to minor in something like Business.

Original Inquiry

I have yet to have any research experience but I hope to develop some starting my Junior year of college. I would be interested in conducting research on topics that range from anything that has to do with psychology and how the brain and human body works, to something in the field of environmental science like the behavior of animals. I am also open and considering taking research opportunities that don’t relate to anything in the field of inner-bodily sciences and rather something that has to do with the social behavior of humans. As long as a research opportunity is interesting, I would be open to participating in it.