Academic Enrichment

I just finished my sophomore year of college majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences, minoring in Business, and pursuing a Pre-Dental track. While my major may indicate that I want to go to pharmacy school, I have always had an natural passion and excitement for dentistry. I find the pharmacy field very interesting and mentally stimulating; I love learning about how different molecules in drugs effect different parts of the human body, and how those molecular interactions relate to the symptoms and effects that are observed externally. Dentistry involves a lot of pharmaceuticals because Dentists have prescriber status, which means that they can prescribe medication to patients, without having the limitations that other professions may have. An understanding of the different effects that different drugs have on someone as well as correct dosage amount and drug to drug interactions is crucial to practicing good dentistry, and these are the reasons that I have chosen the Pharmaceutical Sciences major. I chose the Business minor with the hope of gaining a good amount of knowledge on how to run a good business, or at least understand the components that go into doing so. I want to have this knowledge because it is my dream one day to have my own dental practice, for which I will be the owner and need to know how to optimally run the business.

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