Annnd We’re Back!

Hello again lovely internet world, and welcome back to my blog!

After a fantastic three or so month hiatus, it looks like it’s again time to dust off my iPad and try to remember how this whole writing thing works. I apologize in advance for any lost trains of thought, crazy run on sentences, or excessive use of prepositional phrases. πŸ™‚

In any case, as many of you know, this was my LAST SUMMER EVER.

Okay.. So that may be a bit dramatic. But, when looking into the face of 3 straight years of schooling, it really did seem like my last summer to just kick back and enjoy life without the pressure of school or the real world. So that’s what I did!

Well..sort of.

I realized soon after white coat that the “good life”, life without goals or a schedule, is actually really boring. So, rather than sit around bored all day, I did my best to fill this past summer with as many activities as possible. These ranged from working part time at an optometrist’s office, to helping my dad on the farm, to cooking and baking excessively, to spending the entire month of July traveling, to biking 100 miles in the Pelotonia (best. decision. ever.), to spending some much needed time simply enjoying the company of my friends and family.

It was absolutely amazing, and I hate to see it end.

But, in just 3(ish) short days, classes will begin again, and all of us OPT-II’s (yes, you read that right. OPT-2’s!!!!!) will finally start learning all of the techniques that we will need to see our first patients in JUST ONE SEMESTER.

I’m pretty excited.

And I hope y’all are too πŸ™‚

Well, my last 3 days of freedom are calling me, and I must answer.

Catch ya on the flippity!