Woah.  First blog post for The Ohio State University College of Optometry.

I feel like I should say something monumental.

Unfortunately though, after a 5:00 start, 5 hours straight of class, and an additional almost 5 hours of studying in preparation for the first round of midterms, my brain is not functioning well enough for impressive introductions.  That should make this more interesting, right?

In any case, welcome to my blog!

My name’s Hannah, and I’m a current Opt-1 here at Ohio State.  In the past month, I have uprooted myself from rural Northwest Ohio and traveled to the beautiful city of Columbus to begin this crazy adventure called graduate school.

It has honestly been the most terrifyingly exciting endeavor in my life thus far.

But I love it.

In four short weeks, I have fallen in love with this city, this school, and all of the amazing people that surround me, and I am so excited to watch these four weeks turn into four years.