Mitigating Salmonella

Salmonella in Livestock Markets

In 2016, an outbreak of a multi-drug resistant strain of Salmonella Heidelberg was found. While investigating the outbreak, more than 60% of the cases were associated with people who had contact with male dairy calves. Male dairy calves are commonly sold at livestock markets, then processed at other facilities for food. For this project, we are collaborating with the CDC, the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, and the Ohio Department of Agriculture to estimate the amount of Salmonella in the environment at livestock markets. Sampling results from the markets will also tell us which strains of Salmonella are present. With the results of this project, we hope to decrease the spread of Salmonella throughout the food chain by making improvements at the livestock market level. By making these improvements, we hope to decrease the transmission of Salmonella in our food and by direct contact. Ultimately, this will improve the health of both humans and animals.

Salmonella in Livestock Trailers and Harvesting Facilities

Preliminary results can be found here.

E. coli in Livestock Trailers and Harvesting Facilities

Project details coming soon!