OMSS 2023


The 20th Annual Ohio Mass Spectrometry Symposium (OMSS 2023) will be held at the Ohio Union on the campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, on October 18-19, 2023.

The purpose of the two-day symposium is to provide an opportunity for academic and industrial researchers in the region to present their findings, share information, discuss research challenges with colleagues, and spark new collaborations in the field of mass spectrometry and its rapidly advancing applications and technologies. Key topics will include Advanced Ionization Techniques, Instrumentation, Metabolomics, Proteomics, MS Imaging Techniques, and Native MS.

The annual symposium is planned and hosted by OSU’s Campus Chemical Instrumentation Center (CCIC). Please visit our Sponsors page for information about sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors of OMSS 2023 include Agilent, Bruker, Metabolon, SCIEX, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waters, Advion Interchim Scientific, and Peak Scientific; with special thanks to Platinum level sponsor MOBILion.

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