Accounting Internship

I am very happy with the profession I have chosen. Accounting has grown to be a passion of mine and it has been fairly easy to lay out my plans for the future. These resources below have been  huge help for me in the process.

This article gives a lot of insight on the benefits of having professional experience. I picked this article because it was posted by a university on their .edu website. It was written by the universities staff, who obviously have experience and knowledge in internships. I believe this site is valuable because it gives a lot of comparisons between people with experience and without. I believe this resource gives off many advantages to see things from both sides of maybe someone with a great GPA and no experience and then someone with a lower GPA and muckiest experience.

The Ohio Society of CPA’s gives much knowledge and career building help. They also have career fairs and other helpful events to get jobs! The OSCPA is a great resource that is run by current professionals. It is constantly posting new information and holding new events and is a great resource for someone trying to establish a career.

If you’re doing a public accounting internship, you’re probably also thinking about taking your CPA! This article gives a few tips on how to pass. I believe it is beneficial to listen to tips from other people who have been through the exam, especially since they have recently changed the setup of the exam.

Here is a video someone has posted on how they passed their CPA exam.

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Lastly, here is another article that states how firms recruit students. I think this is all very good knowledge for accounting students because to be recruited you need to know what firms are looking for! It comes straight from a site created for CPA’s. It is written by Paul McDonald who is an executive at a staffing firm. It was recently published, less than one year ago.