Principal Investigator

Professor Mark Pitt

Phone: 614-292-4193
Computational Modeling work


Graduate Students

Marjorie Freggens


  • M.A. Psychology, Ohio State University, 2018
  • B.A. Psychology, Georgia State University, 2014

I am interested in speech perception and language understanding, as well as the commonalities in musical processing. In the past I have worked on understanding the mechanisms of transfer effects between music and language experts. My current research focuses on the perceptual organization of speech: how we use the acoustic, phonetic, and grouping cues in the signal to organize the continuous information into words and phrases. I am also interested in the mechanisms involved in processing speech compared to non-speech. Outside of the lab, I enjoy reading fiction novels, playing board games, and coloring. I am also learning how to play the guitar.

Heather Daly


  • M.A. Psychology, Ohio State University, 2019
  • M.A. Experimental Psychology, James Madison University, 2017
  • B.A. Psychology, Ball State University, 2014

My current research looks at the mechanisms underlying auditory selective attention and factors driving individual differences in those mechanisms, such as working memory. I am also interested in the influence of musical training on various perceptual and cognitive processes, and is working on developing new tools to measure musical experience. Outside of the lab, I love trying new recipes, exploring new places, and playing embarrassingly old video games.

Undergraduate Students

Anna Boyer
  • Majoring in Psychology and Linguistics
  • Expected Graduation: 2023


Britney Young
  • Majoring in Psychology
  • Expected Graduation: 2022


Jack Korsgard
  • Majoring in Psychology
  • Expected Graduation: 2022


Nicki Wiedlund
Thomas Jeffrey
  • Majoring in Psychology, Minor in Business
  • Expected Graduation: 2023


Lab Mascots

                Jasper                                                                  Lake







Hannah Shatzer

Abigail Benecke

Adam Thomas

Christine Szostak

Dahee Kim

Beau Stephens

Erik Tracy

Laura Dilley

Lisa Contos Shoaf

Katherine Love Smith

Gary Starr

Shawn Weil