Principal Investigator

Professor Mark Pitt

Phone: 614-292-4193
Computational Modeling work


Graduate Students

Heather Daly


  • M.A. Psychology, Ohio State University, 2019
  • M.A. Experimental Psychology, James Madison University, 2017
  • B.A. Psychology, Ball State University, 2014

My current research looks at the mechanisms underlying auditory selective attention and factors driving individual differences in those mechanisms, such as working memory. More specifically, I’ve been looking at two mechanisms that guide auditory attention: enhancement, which boosts the auditory signal of interest, and suppression, which attenuates distracting signals. Outside of the lab, I love hanging out with my family, experimenting with baking, and playing embarrassingly old video games.

Margaret Broeren


  • B.S. Psychology, University of Wisconsin Stevenspoint, 2022
  • B.S. Communications Sciences and Disorders, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, 2022

I hope to develop research that furthers the understanding of the cognitive mechanisms of speech and language perception and production in order to contribute to research that will aid Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists in developing treatments for people who have speech or language disorders and hearing impairments. When not doing school work, I enjoy playing board games and embroidery.

Yuzhe Gu


  • B.S. Psychology, University of Wisconsin Madison, 2021
  • B.S. Computer Science, University of Wisconsin Madison, 2021

I am interested in psycholinguistics. Particularly, I want to investigate the mechanisms under perception and comprehension of spoken language. Also, I hope to learn more about the second language perception and comprehension and how it differs.

Undergraduate Students

Ali Mohamad Bamdad
  • Major: Psychology
  • Expected Graduation: 2024



Mia Castro
  • Major: Psychology
  • Expected Graduation: 2026



Makayla Ekegren
  • Major: Psychology
  • Expected Graduation: 2026



Rachel Grobman
  • Major: Psychology
  • Expected Graduation: 2026



Saloni Mathur
  • Major(s): Psychology & Neuroscience
  • Expected Graduation: 2026



Maya Regule
  • Major(s): Psychology & Dance
  • Expected Graduation: 2026



Delilah Rodriguez
  • Major: Psychology
  • Expected Graduation: 2025



Eve Saltzman
  • Major: Psychology
  • Expected Graduation: 2026



Haoxuan Yuan
  • Major: Psychology
  • Expected Graduation: 2026




Lab Mascots

                Jasper                                           Lake







Marjorie Freggens

Hannah Shatzer

Abigail Benecke

Adam Thomas

Christine Szostak

Dahee Kim

Beau Stephens

Erik Tracy

Laura Dilley

Lisa Contos Shoaf

Katherine Love Smith

Gary Starr

Shawn Weil