Blogging to the Beat of My Own Drum

I am not a blogger. I’ve read some, like a few. Grantland is fantastic.

No Revolution practice today and the Buckeyes don’t tip until 1:40p against that team up north. So I thought, what better time to write my March tidbit for Queenie’s wellness blog? (A site that’s everything a blog should be.)

Without getting too introspective on a Saturday, I think I’ve avoided blogging thus far because of the fear that I’d over-analyze each word. I enjoy making people laugh, mostly through one-liners and more puns than there were Ross & Rachel break ups. In an ideal state, my posts would be filled with Mr. Feeny’s life lessons and narrated by Morgan Freeman for dramatic effect. But the reality is they will be more like “Arrested Development” … some will get the randomness and some won’t.

Sitting here with my coffee – which I like more for the feeling than the taste – I’m gradually entering the mindset of a blogger. The end result won’t be Queenie’s, but that’s ok. This has been cathartic and I realize that I just need to write in line with my personality. Some days you’ll get Adam Braverman and Roger Sterling, others Michael Scott and Phil Dunphy. My apology in advance for bad jokes and obscure references.