Great memories, Good luck and Excited for what lies ahead

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Play this song as you read… you won’t regret it.

Great memories. As I leave behind my days with the Office of Distance Education and eLearning, I look back with a smile. So many fond memories: Ethiopia, iTunes U bootcamps, collaborating on workshops and taking face-to-face OSU courses online. I cherish the opportunity to work with creative educators and use the skills I developed in my adventures ahead.

Good luck. Digital education and eLearning is not a light task at a place like Ohio State; however, ODEE’s staff – through strong technical knowledge and partnerships – is prepared for the challenges ahead. Best of luck to ODEE and OSU colleagues as they revolutionize the Buckeye teaching and learning experience!

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Excited for what lies ahead. I am excited for the Nationwide Financial culture and continuing to develop myself professionally. The Business Performance Excellence team will be a dynamic environment for me to utilize and expand upon what I learned at ODEE. I am ready for this new chapter in my career.

Through all the exciting work, there is no doubt that I will miss the people of ODEE the most. I bid you farewell and wish you my best! -Kevin

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