About us

The Graduate Student Working Group for Foreign Language Research and Teaching (FLRT) endeavors to provide opportunities for academic and professional development. Our organization creates options for professional enhancement such as discussions, presentations, workshops, and symposiums. Our aim is to foster collaboration, exchange, and academic networking between graduate students in the language departments within the Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CLLC), in the Department of Teaching & Learning, and across the university with other allied departments. We provide a platform for graduate students in the field of SLA and Applied Linguistics to present and discuss their research interests and current research projects to hone our skills as language instructors and researchers in FL/SL Studies.

FLRT was founded by five graduate students from different language departments at OSU in Spring 2017 and is officially registered as a student organization with OSU Student Activities. Interested graduate students are invited to join FLRT as a regular member. All members will be invited to discussion seminars, workshops, presentations, symposiums, and administrative meetings and will gain the right to run and vote for offices. Discussion seminars, presentations, and symposiums are also open to non-FLRT-members.


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