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How do I participate in Virtual (F)ASAL?

Upload and view the talks and posters for (F)ASAL 10

(Formal) Approaches to South Asian Languages 10 – (F)ASAL 10 – will be hosted by the Linguistics Department at OSU, on  March 21-22 2020. As the community of South Asianist linguists expands and evolves over time, it would like to reach out to researchers that do high-quality linguistic study of any South Asian language adopting a wide range of methodologies. Thus the name change from FASAL to (F)ASAL!

Invited Talks

  • Rahul Balusu (English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad)
  • Diti Bhadra (University of Minnesota)
  • A special talk for the 10th anniversary of (F)ASAL by Rajesh Bhatt and Veneeta Dayal,  reflecting on the state of the field for South Asian Linguistics in the United States.

This year’s (F)ASAL meeting will additionally feature a special session focused on phonetics and phonology organized by Kelly Berkson (Indiana) and Sameer Ud Dowla Khan (Reed College).

Reviewing committee: R. Amritavalli, Rahul Balusu, Kelly Berkson,  Diti Bhadra, Rajesh Bhatt, Miriam Butt, Dustin Chacón, Arunima Choudhuri, Veneeta Dayal, Ashwini Deo, Samar Husain, K.A. Jayseelan, Gurmeet Kaur, Stefan Keine, Sameer Ud Dowla Khan, Dave Kush, Mythili Menon, Savithri Namboodiripad, Roumyana Pancheva, Benjamin Slade, Paroma Sanyal


Local organizing committee: Ashwini Deo, Connor Roullier, William Thomas, Damayanti Tiwari