Sat 03/21 845-915 Virtual meet-and-greet
915-930 Opening remarks
(Cynthia Clopper, OSU Linguistics chair)
930-1030 Diti Bhadra (Minnesota)
Connecting perception, inference, and temporality: nominal and propositional evidentiality
1030-1100 Sadhwi Srinivas (Johns Hopkins) and Kyle Rawlins (Johns Hopkins)
Anaphoric variability in Kannada bare nominals
1100-1130 Coffee break
1130-1200 Sreekar Raghotham (Rutgers)
Identity Crisis
1200-1230 Bhamati Dash (USC) & Madhumanti Datta (USC)
Focus Anti-Piedpiping in Bangla and Hindi-Urdu
1230-100 Kaustubh Ghoshal (Delhi)
When Plural Marking and Classifiers Can Co-Occur: An Extraction Analysis
100-220 Lunch break (on your own)
220-300 Savithry Namboodiripad (Michigan)
English and what counts as Malayalam: Revisiting Kala (1977)
300-330 Jahnavi Narkar (Wayne State)
The Curious Absence of Aspiration in Indian English: The Role of Phonetics in Adaptation
 330-340 Coffee Break
  340-410 Bjoern Koehnlein (OSU)
Mora stress in Shina as contrastive foot structure
  410-440 Farhat Jabeen (Konstanz)
Focused or questioned? Intonation of polar questions and narrow focus in Urdu/Hindi
  End of day  
Sun 03/22 845-910 Virtual meet-and-greet
  910-1010 Rahul Balusu (EFLU, Hyderabad)
The indefinites spectrum of Dravidian
1010-1040 Ishani Guha (Delhi)
Revisiting Conditional Typology for Bangla
1040-1100 Coffee break
1100-1130 Neil Banerjee (MIT) and Gurmeet Kaur (Goettingen)
Deferred imperatives across Indo-Aryan
1130-1200 Sakshi Bhatia (IIT Delhi) and Rajesh Bhatt (UMass Amherst)
Implications of Feature Realization in Hindi-Urdu Copular Sentences
  1215-115 Live poster presentations (lightening sessions)
  115-130 Break
  130-200 Madelaine O’Reilly-Brown (McGill)
The Hindi-Urdu Particle Naan as Two Lexical Items
200-230 Martha Schwarz (UC Berkeley)
Allocutive agreement in Kumal
  230-250 Coffee break
  250-330 Rajesh Bhatt (UMass, Amherst) and Veneeta Dayal (Yale)
State of the field for South Asian Linguistics
330-400 Business meeting