Poster session

  1. Dustin A. Chacón, Brian Dillon, and Rajesh Bhatt
    Feature Specification in the Processing of Closest Conjunct Agreement in Hindi
  2. Bhamati Dash (USC)
    Answering Biased Questions in Hindi-Urdu
  3. Madhumanti Datta (USC)
    Left Branch Extraction asymmetries and its interaction with focus in Bangla-consequences on the nature of phase edges
  4. Sana Kidwai (Cambridge)
    A case for bare accusatives in Hindi-Urdu
  5. Rupkatha Mukherjee (EFLU)
    Function of Bangle classifier -ra in forming generic sentences
  6. Benu Pareek (Delhi)
    Oblique case and concord in Hindi Noun Phrases: Evidence from Language Acquisition
  7. Taraka Rama (North Texas)
    A Bayesian investigation of the origin hypotheses of the Dravidian family
  8. Yangchen Roy (JNU)
    On the context layer of Bangla pronouns