The Do’s and Don’ts of Finals Week

Finals Week officially begins on Thursday, December 11th. As you prepare for the week ahead, here are some helpful tips from your advisors to make the most of the week and finish the semester on a high note:

DO: Be aware of the finals week schedule. Your final exam for each class more than likely will not happen during the regularly scheduled meeting time for the semester. Check your syllabus, or this handy exam schedule from the Registrar, to plan out your week.

DON’T: Let yourself get too stressed out! Yes, finals are a big deal, but you’ve been building up to this all semester. You’ve got this! Take some time out to get in some relaxation. Here are some ideas to kick start finals week  for Reading Day on Wednesday, December 10th. Whether you want to take a plunge in the RPAC pool, grab some lunch, watch a movie, or snuggle with a therapy dog, there are a lot of things to do to energize before your finals begin.

DO: Rest up before the main event. Plan your finals week schedule so you can avoid pulling an all-nighter before a big exam. Manage your study time to allow plenty of rest the night before an exam (or multiple exams) to put you in peak concentration mode.

DON’T: Panic. Your final exam is just one component of your grade for a course. Yes, it is weighed heavier than other assignments and exams in most classes, but in most cases the final alone won’t make or break your grade. Concentrate, study, and be prepared!

DO: Enjoy the upcoming holiday break! Reflect on what did or didn’t work for you in the autumn semester and make adjustments as necessary to make the spring semester even better.

And if all else fails, just let Doge be your cheerleader!



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