I Registered For Classes… Now What?

It’s officially December, can you believe it? You’ve made it through midterms, registered for next semester’s classes, and hopefully got some well-deserved rest over the Thanksgiving break. We’re in the final stretch to wrapping up the autumn semester, so while you’re preparing for final exams, be sure that you have everything set up right for the spring. Here are a few pointers to help you plan for next semester:

  • Playing the waiting game? If you’re on a waitlist for a course, be sure to monitor your progress through the waitlist in the Student Center on Buckeyelink. Hopefully you’re moving up the list, but if you haven’t seen any movement yet you may want to either look for an alternate course to keep on your schedule, or try contacting the instructor to ask what their policy will be for the waitlist.
  • Double check those requirements! The Degree Audit in Buckeyelink will show you how each course you have taken, currently are enrolled in, and plan to take next semester factors into your chosen major(s). Run a new audit so that you can make sure the courses you have registered for are factoring in to your degree requirements. Here is a handy resource with instructions to run your Degree Audit. If you have any questions about those requirements, contact your academic advisor for clarification.
  • Will it be better the second time around? If you’re not doing so well in a course this semester, you may want to plan on retaking. Talk with your academic advisor about your options, particularly if the course you are struggling with now is a prerequisite for something you have added for next semester.
  • Walk the walk! Look at the locations of your classes on next semester’s schedule. If you have some free time (a precious commodity this time of year, we know!) walk your routes to and from each class to get a gauge of how long it will take you to get from place to place. If it feels like you’ll be rushing too much to get to class on time, consider trying to find an alternate course if available… or invest in a good pair of running shoes!
  • Want the inside scoop? If you’re looking for an additional course to round out your credit hours, look at something to give you the inside track to being a successful college student: ESEPSY 1259 – Individual Learning and Motivation: Strategies for Success in College. Descriptions of this and other helpful courses can be found at the Dennis Learning Center’s website.