I was searching through some old files and I came across something brilliant from one of our Physical Therapists in Oncology Rehab. With her permission, here is the email where she shared quotes from Healing with Heart that were meaningful to her:

From: Thornton, Jaime

Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2012 10:03 AM

To: Hock, Karen; Asad, Fauzia; Carmendy, Lori; Cathey, Charlene; Leffler, Julie; Perkins, Laura; Roberts, Kaye E.; Taylor, Susan; Zerkle, Misti

Subject: Quotes for the week

Slowing Down and Feeling Grateful:

“Today, I will appreciate the truly amazing work that I am called to do and the caring that takes place. There is value is slowing down and being more grateful.”

Taking a Fresh Look at Our Life and Our Work:

“Today, I will get in touch with what motivated me to get into health care. I will think about how work nourishes me and renew my personal commitment to my sense of mission as expressed through what I do.”

Have a great week everyone.


Jaime sent this to her colleagues. She shared how she was going to care for herself. By telling her colleagues about her plan, she was actually caring for her colleagues as well. We are self-differentiated in relationship together.