Creating a Bridge From Your Discipline
to the Entertainment Industry



Design and Technology for live entertainment is a broad field that crosses into many industries including engineering, architecture, fashion, digital media, software, construction and many others. The purpose of the Minor in Entertainment Design and Technology is to serve students from any department who want to apply the skills of their discipline to careers in live events, theatre and themed entertainment. Because the field is so diverse, a wide variety of courses and experiences are available in the minor program, allowing students to shape a curriculum that matches their interests and career goals.

As you plan your schedule, you can refer to the Minor Curriculum which is arranged by discipline and interest. All courses are available to any Ohio State student.

Off & Running

The Entertainment Design and Technology Minor launched in March of 2021 and and saw its first students graduate with the minor in May of 2022. The minor is available to undergraduate students from across the campus. Because the purpose of the minor is to bridge to adjacent disciplines, students already majoring in Theatre are not eligible. To declare the minor, consult with your advisor and if you have any questions please reach out to the program advisor.

Keep in Touch

If you’re interested in learning more about the program, reach out to Brad Steinmetz, Program Advisor and Associate Professor of Design and Technology. You can also follow the program on LinkedIn where we share current information about our classes, events, job opportunities, internships, and alumni news.

In the News

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