Disciplinary Electives

The minor requires 9 credit hours from Disciplinary Electives that vary by area, as shown above. Each student selects courses based on their own interests and on how each course compliments their major program and career goals. You can see some suggestions arranged by discipline in this PDF of sample curricula.

The Disciplinary Electives are:
Theatre 2211 – Intro to Production Design
Theatre 5210 – Drafting & Modeling
Theatre 3611 – Intro to Lighting Design
Theatre 5603 – Lighting Technology
Theatre 5321 – Video Production 1
ACCAD 5301 – Devising Experiential Media Systems
Theatre 5310 – Fundamentals of Media Design
Theatre 3241 – Theatre Sound Techniques
Theatre 5241 – Topics in Sound Technology
Theatre 5305 – Painting and Drawing
Theatre 5225 – Period Styles for Production
Theatre 3411 – Intro to Scene Design
Theatre 5401 – Engineering for Entertainment
Theatre 5403 – Scenic Painting
Theatre 3511 – Intro to Costume Design
Theatre 3551 – Stage Make-Up
Theatre 5501 – Costume Technology

Practicum Electives

The minor also requires 3 credit hours of Practicum Electives that involve participation in live productions. Students in Theatre 2000 courses help put our productions together during a weekly class session by constructing scenery, building costumes, preparing lighting, sound, media, paint, etc. There are a variety of sections, each with its own decimal suffix. (For instance: 2000.05 is costuming.) Anyone can register for these courses as there are no prerequisites and every student learns how to work safely in each discipline. Students in the Theatre 3000 course participate in the productions as they are happening by serving as crew members, board operators, and technicians. The course only meets for the run of a single production plus 1-2 weeks of technical rehearsals and a variety of disciplinary-focused positions are available. Again, there are no prereqs so anyone can register and receive training for their position. Theatre 4000 courses allow more experienced students an opportunity to serve a larger role on a production team. Students can serve as our Stage Managers, Engineers, Designers or Assistants for any discipline. If you’re interested in these courses, you can reach out to any faculty or production staff member, or you can contact Brad Steinmetz with questions. You can also arrange an internship with a company in the live events, theatre or themed entertainment industries and earn Theatre 4191 internship credit.

The Practicum Electives are:
Theatre 2000.xx – Production Practicum
Theatre 3000 – Production Run Crew Practicum
Theatre 4000.xx – Advanced Production Practicum
Theatre 4191 – Internship

Register Now

All courses are available to any Ohio State student and you don’t have to declare the minor to enroll. If you want to officially declare the minor in Entertainment Design and Technology, contact your advisor. Some courses have prerequisites for majors, but you can contact an instructor to see if a prereq can be waived. For more details, see the Minor Advising Sheet for Entertainment Design and Technology. And if you have any questions about the minor, you can contact Brad Steinmetz, Program Advisor and Associate┬áProfessor of Design and Technology.