Marketing Proposal

This document is part of a larger proposal to Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW) regarding their free tree marketing campaign. The first two pages were written in collaboration with a fellow project member, and the third page I created an infographic as a visual aid to help FLOW understand the “phase” aspect we intended for them to implement.

After reviewing FLOW’s website and social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), I recognized the need for FLOW to redo their core online presence before moving forward with their free tree initiative. The choice to target elementary students and parents stemmed from FLOW’s goal to increase canopy coverage in less wealthy areas of Columbus. Page three’s infographic is meant to visually display to FLOW how our proposal will be implemented and to provide a reference for quick information and dialogue. FLOW was lacking the necessary features to gain a mass audience, and the following three pages were intended to get them reorganized and focused on one step at a time.