Social Media Campaign

Below are the “Sample Posting Schedule” and “Mock Up” portion for FLOW’s social media platforms. I recognized FLOW’s need to utilize social media to the best of their ability and made drastic changes to their platforms. When my partner and I began to evaluate each platform (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) we saw the disconnect they had with spreading their information and gaining a larger audience. This was most easily seen on Facebook, where FLOW had a large audience but wasn’t communicating well enough with them. Each social media platform requires different text and media objects

Twitter: The campaign slogans and FLOW hashtags can be utilized perfectly on Twitter, whereas hashtags will have no effect on Facebook (will work on Instagram).

Instagram: Instagram is completely visual, and posting pictures of campaign slogans, post-event photos or environmental activism is the best way to “trend” or appeal to a larger audience. FLOW had an ample number of pictures on their website that would’ve been perfect on social media, and we suggested that FLOW begin using them on Instagram more frequently.

Facebook: FLOW had a large Facebook audience that actively used and viewed their page. Facebook is a perfect platform for an organization like FLOW because of its ability to post any array of content, share events, and invite people to events through the calendar feature. While FLOW was using some of these features, it became clear that only their volunteers were receiving the message; volunteers weren’t sharing the posts with their friends. In the mock up Facebook post on page 7, we demonstrate an appropriate post that would be sharable and easily viewable for Facebook users. Our entire project was based on making FLOW “searchable” and Facebook was the best way to utilize this option. Facebook is also the best option to gauge people’s opinion and view how engaging an organization’s message is becoming.