Curtain Falls on Turning Point, but Top Hat is Here

Theatre Curtains

Turning Point will take its final bow during the summer 2017 and be replaced by Top Hat for the autumn semester. There are several reasons for this change, but chiefly, Turning Point does not interface well with Microsoft Office 2016.

Pedagogically, Top Hat can be used as a student engagement tool to test student’s prior knowledge, check for understanding of material recently presented, encourage class participation and engagement, and take attendance. The question types vary in range from a standard multiple choice question to “Hot Spot” questions that allow students to click on an area in an image for identification. Continue reading

How to Use Interactive Lecture Systems

tophatSeveral faculty at the College of Veterinary Medicine use clickers to bring a level of engagement and interactivity to large lecture courses. During the spring semester, you’ll hear the Office of Teaching & Learning introduce an eLearning tool that allows students to use mobile devices (phones, tablets, iPads) and computers as clickers. This web-based platform, available across OSU, is called TopHat.

The value of clickers and TopHat includes: Continue reading