HFES Presentation – “Requirements for Computational Approaches To Analyzing Resilience in Human-Machine Teams”

Jacob Keller, a MS student and graduate researcher in CSEL, presented a lecture on October 6th for the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 65th International Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD. Jacob’s paper, co-authored by Dr. Martijn IJtsma, is titled “Requirements for Computational Approaches To Analyzing Resilience in Human-Machine Teams”. It provides an overview of computational models, exploring novel approaches to identifying human-machine team resilience computationally.

You can view the slides for the presentation [Here], and the paper’s abstract below.

Abstract: Human-machine teams (HMTs) in complex work domains need to be able to adapt to variable and uncertain work demands. Computational modeling and simulation can provide novel approaches to the evaluation of HMTs performing complex joint activities, affording large-scale, quantitative analysis of team characteristics (such as system architecture and governance protocols) and their effects on resilience. Drawing from literature in resilience engineering, human-automation interaction, and cognitive systems engineering, this paper provides a theoretical exploration of the use of computational modeling and simulation to analyze resilience in HMTs. Findings from literature are summarized in a set of requirements that highlight key aspects of resilience in HMTs that need to be accounted for in future modeling and evaluation efforts. These requirements include a need to model HMTs as joint cognitive systems, the need to account for the interdependent nature of activity, the temporal dynamics of work, and the need to support formative exploration and inquiry. We provide a brief overview of existing modeling and simulation approaches to evaluating HMTs and discuss further steps for operationalizing the identified requirements.

The HFES 65th International Annual Meeting was held in Baltimore, MD, October 4-7, 2021. The 66th International Annual Meeting will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, October 2022.

Recommended Citation:

Keller, J., & IJtsma, M. (2021). Requirements For Computational Approaches To Analyzing Resilience In Human-Machine Teams. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Presented 10/6/2021 in Baltimore, Maryland, at the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 65th Annual Meeting

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