Text Review: All-Amerikkan Bada$$


Music is a huge influencer in todays day and age. If your like me, you listen to music while doing any task. Many music artist use their influence in music to speak on issues plaguing their lives. In 2017 rapper, Joey Bada$$, released his album All-Amerikkkan Bada$$. This album was written in order for Joey to use his influence to speak on the topics of racism and injustice in contemporary America. He quotes, “So it starts with me bringing [these topics] into the conversation and putting it in the music.”

Influence for this album was pinpointed to the injustices of many black men in the year 2015. These man were unarmed and exposed to police brutality solely based on the fact for the color of their skin. Joey says, “I felt really affected by it all because I’m just so close to it,” he says. “I’ve had encounters with police where I’ve been stopped and frisked or treated unfairly or misjudged and I could imagine those situations being something else.”

All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ deputes songs that all encompass the idea of police brutality. The song “Babylon” is written for the death of Freddie Gray who was killed in Baltimore, Maryland. Freddie was an unarmed black man killed in the wake of police brutality. Joey says this situation made him so fired up because in 2015 in general, there were so many unarmed black men killed that he felt he was somewhat responsible to do something about it. He says, “It’s about flexing my freedom of speech as much as I can.”

This entire album addresses the injustices the black community. We see a power struggle emerge as we can almost address the situation in the terms of the “one” and the “other.” As police brutality continues we can look at the black community being targeted as the so called “other” while the police see themselves as the “one.” As police brutality has become the topic of almost all news stations in the recent months I believe we are experiencing a shift, the “one” and “other” complex is one that will soon cease to exist. With Police becoming the highlight of negative connotations, the stereotypes against the black community should start to fizzle away leaving the Police in a state of new training habits and ending stereotyping.


Joey Bada$$ Talks Tackling Police Violence, Coming Into His Own on New LP

24 thoughts on “Text Review: All-Amerikkan Bada$$

  1. This is one of my favorite albums, I love joey. Thought about doing this album myself, great job and great choice

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