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For this assignment I am going to be writing about how our class topics compares to the Dragon Ball Z Frieza arc.  A quick background on Dragon Ball Z is that it is a person named Goku, was born on another planet (Planet Vegeta) their race is known as Saiyans, and Goku was sent to earth, to destroy the human race.  When he landed on earth he fell down a mountain and bumped his head and was raised as a normal human would be raised.  He believed he was human until his brother came down and told him the whole truth and what the objective was.  Goku was too far gone as a human and did not care about his brother’s opinion.  He wanted to fight and protect earth, the people from his home planet did not like that.  That is the background on Dragon Ball Z, the saga I am going to talk about is when people are going to a certain planet, to search for the dragon balls to make a grand wish.


Frieza is known as the toughest being in the galaxy, people were not aware he was going to be on this planet, but he is a ruler and treats any race that is not his or under his army poorly and that he is better than them.

http://https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fvillains.fandom.com%2Fwiki%2FFrieza&psig=AOvVaw20GHcRbWubXvAk8b4BJkMh&ust=1619402050687000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCIDGv_KkmPACFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD This is Frieza

The planet everyone is one, is called, “Namek”, Namek is the home planet of Namekians, Namekians are a race of people known as super intelligent but not the strongest fighters, they rely more on technique.  Frieza came to Namek and basically made everyone his slave and do work for him, find the dragon balls for him so he can make his wish, he became super power hungry.  Frieza was also not aware of people being on the planet also, he did not expect saiyans to be there, he calls saiyans the term “monkeys”, a term that has been used an American history as a very derogatory term, so right there is a big example of injustice of another race.  Frieza also blew up Planet Vegeta, because he was afraid of the saiyan race revolting against him as they were the toughest people under his army and he was worried them gaining enough strength to maybe overtake, and he was deadly afraid of the legendary Super Saiyan.  He believed it was just a made up myth, he would find out on Namek it is not true, as Goku turns into a legendary Super Saiyan.  He did not believe he was on a planet where he had all the power and bossed all the Namekians around that a legendary Super Saiyan would be there to fight him and ruin his whole plan and take all the dragon balls, he thought everything would come easy to him as many things have in the past.  Frieza in his racist and power hungry mentality lost sight of everything and lost his chance to get his wish of immortality.


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