Introduction – What is Chicha?

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Chicha is an a South American drink often created using fermented maize. In the Andes, the process and consumption of chicha has been an integral part of many cultures for thousands of years; it serves as an item of religious significance in rituals and ceremonies as well as recreational fun.



1. The Origin of Chicha – Discusses more about what chicha is and the rise of its prominence in South America.

2. Chicha’s Evolution and the Inca Empire – Discusses how chicha changed and diversified across the Andes and South America as a whole, as well as the importance in the large Inca Empire.

3. Chicha Today – This page will talk about how chicha is doing today in terms of continued consumption and its importance to Andean culture.

4. Related Themes of Chicha – ┬áPulls themes from the History 2111 class and applies it to information provided in this website’s pages.

5. Insightful and Fun Links – A source provided to enhance this website’s theme about chicha and related topics.