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With Deer!

With Deer!


Nice To Meet You!

♠ Hello! My name is Shiying Chen, an optimistic girl from China, and you can call me Lily as my nickname. I usually like to collect a kind of toy called “Blind Box”, which means you know what toy you get before you open the box. The toy I collected almost full the cabinet of my room, but unfortunately, I didn’t bring a lot to America. In addition to collecting, I also enjoy contacting different kinds of animals. Not only touch their downy coat, but try to touch their hearts through their beautiful eyes. I can always feel the spirituality and vitality of life from them when I with these animals.

♣ My high school is Beijing No. 2 Middle School, where my dream began. I met a lot of friends who share a similar interest with me there. We studied how to write simple programs for robots and even built a team to enter the contest. This established my yearning for this field, then became the reason to choose computer science as my major in university. Besides my academic interest, I like traveling with my friend in my spare time. I’ve been to many places, standing on the “Sky Tree” tower is one of my best memories of traveling. There I can see the landscape of the whole city.

Beautiful landscape on SkyTree!

♥ To tell the truth, the first week of school here made me deeply in love with it and affirmed that I had made the right choice at the beginning. I used to be a child who relied on my parents to make decisions. However, this week, I have tried many first times in my life, the first time to create a bank card, the first time to cook, and the first time to added a course to myself…Here, teachers are always willing to give me advice, and the involved fair made me meet so many friends and broaden my academic horizons. All these make me believe that I will stick to what I like, and do my best. I will continue to study in the field of Computer Science since it is what I love. It enhances my logical thinking, more important, I enjoy the joy of every successful code I write.


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