8-2-2017 CFAES SAC Staff Road Trip – Register Now!

CFAES staff road trip time!

With locations in every part of the state, CFAES is massive…and kind of hard to get to know. Ever wondered what goes on at other CFAES locations? Now is your chance to find out. It’s time for a ROAD TRIP! This year the CFAES Staff Advisory Council is sponsoring a road trip to the OSU Wooster Campus on August 2!

Deadline to register is 7-25-2017, but if sign up is as it has been in the past, it will be filled prior to that date. Please note there is not a vegetarian option for lunch. We have spots for 30 to 32 staff members to attend.

OSU Wooster Campus to be Hosting Five YP4H Summer Challenges

Are you looking to have a little more adventure on your lunch break, but aren’t sure where to start? Have you been wanting to tap into your creative side, but don’t have the supplies to do so? Have no fear, the Wooster campus has some great programs coming up to help you move, create, think, feel and find this summer! This five week summer challenge not only helps you accomplish your goals but can help you earn up to 500 YP4H points by participating in one or all five of the weekly challenges.

Week One MOVE – Volleyball Game – Come enjoy a friendly game of volleyball. Location: Food Animal Health Research (FAHRP) Front Lawn – Thursday, July 20 @ Noon

Week Two CREATE – Rock Painting – Paint rocks in agriculture related themes to hide and bring joy to others. Location: Secrest Arboretum Miller Pavilion – Friday, July 28 @ Noon

Week Three THINK – “A Walk in Nature” – Come learn about the wellness garden, flowers and plants of the Secrest Arboretum. Location: Secrest Arboretum Wellness Garden – Wednesday, August 2 @ Noon

Week Four FEEL – Meditation/Yoga – Join us to learn about meditation and its relationship to yoga. Quiet your mind, relax and embrace silence. Learn yoga for the office. Location: Fisher Conference Room – Thursday, August 10 @ Noon

Week Five FIND – Geocaching – Explore campus surroundings and search for caches of wellness items. Location: Front of Fisher Auditorium – Thursday, August 17 @ Noon

Please be sure to RSVP to Jane Douglas (douglas.170@osu.edu) if you would like to attend one, or all, of the Wooster campus summer challenges!

Reminder: Employees can track the challenge weekly and receive their points through general self-report, but for those who participate in an on-site activity, the host or organizer will need to submit that activity for employees to earn their additional points.


Upcoming CFAES Staff Appreciation Week Activities

Celebrate Staff Appreciation Week with a frozen treat. Take an afternoon break and visit the CD 102.5 Ice Cream Truck and USAC for free ice cream while supplies last.

Monday, July 24, 1-4 p.m., Brief program around 1:15 p.m., NW Corner of Oval, near Bricker Hall

Go to https://hr.osu.edu/appreciation-recognition-awards/staff-appreciation-week/ to get more information.

CFAES SAC Meeting and Tour of OSU South Centers in Piketon, Ohio

The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Science Staff Advisory Council gathered for their May meeting at the OSU South Centers in Piketon, Ohio. After council’s regular business had concluded, the group went on a tour of the Piketon research and business development center.

  • Ryan Mapes, Endeavor Center (business incubator), welcomed the group.
  • Brad Bapst, Small Business Development Center (SBDC), spoke about the SBDC providing one-on-one confidential consulting and workshops on relevant topics for businesses and people looking to start or expand a business.
  • Ryan Mapes spoke about the Endeavor Center mission to enhance economic development including wealth creation, new business development, job creation within the four-county service area by providing office and bay space for lease, business services and training for start-up and growing businesses. He also took the group on a brief tour.
  • Wayne Lewis facilitated the Wagon Tour
  • Brad Bergefurd and Ryan Slaughter, Horticulture, spoke about the mission to develop fruit and vegetable crops as alternatives which can be economically grown and marketed from southern Ohio and beyond to greatly enhance the income of Ohio family farms through applied research in both production and marketing.
  • Matt Smith, Aquaculture, showed SAC members the Aquaculture Genetics and Breeding Research Lab and Hatchery. He spoke of the mission of the Ohio Center for Aquaculture Research and Development (OCARD) to increase the productivity, innovation and profitability of Ohio and US aquaculture operations, while respecting sustainability and good stewardship, by implement of sustainability and good stewardship, by implement of innovative research, outreach, extension, and education programs in aquaculture.
  • Jordan Maxwell, Aquaculture, spoke to the group about a new aquaponics greenhouse venture.
  • Yogi Raut, Vinayak Shedekar, and Rafiq Islam, Soil, Water and Bioenergy, spoke to the group about the mission of the Soil, Water and Bioenergy program to develop and promote research, Extension and educational programs for agricultural management practices that sustain soil & water resources and are economical for producers and growers.
  • Pancake Breakfast 2017

    The CFAES Staff Advisory Council Staff Appreciation and Recognition Task Force and Campus Campaign 2017 hosted a Pancake Breakfast for staff on April 18. A great start to morning activities.

    Thanks for attending, and thanks also for campus campaign donations to your selected fund. YOU do make this a great place to work!

    CFAES Staff Excellence Recognized at 2016 Awards Banquet

    The Ohio State University (OSU) College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) Staff Advisory Council (SAC) held their annual awards luncheon on November 8 to recognize four outstanding staff members. Award winners for 2016 were:

    Left to right: Mary Maloney, Amber Peck, Thomas Harker, and Andrea Gorzitze.

    Mary Maloney, Director, Chadwick Arboretum & Learning Gardens, Horticulture and Crop Science
    Mary was awarded the Shirley Brooks-Jones Citizenship Award. Nominator Dr. Linda Martin noted, “I have had the opportunity to witness first-hand her strong work ethic; commitment to the community and the University; tireless passion for her work; and dedication to excellence.” She added “Her commitment to those who work with and for her is unmatched; she invests in the personal, professional and academic growth of her student workers and has written scores of recommendations and nominations on their behalf. She is unfailing in her efforts to give of her time and energy to help others succeed and genuinely cares about those with whom she works.”

    Amber Peck, SNAP-Ed Program Assistant, Ohio State University Extension, Washington County
    Amber was awarded the Key Values Award. Nominator Marcus McCarty noted, “Amber is very dedicated and motivated about her job and she never lets anything stop her from achieving her goals while maintaining a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. She recently went above and beyond to implement a Learning Garden at the local Boys and Girls Club in Marietta. When the grant application for funds to build a garden were delayed, then only half-funded, Amber took it upon herself to find all the remaining material still needed to complete the project. She relentlessly went knocking on the doors of local businesses until we had enough materials and supplies donated to complete the entire garden.”

    Thomas Harker, Research Assistant, Ohio State University Extension, South Centers
    Thom was awarded the Innovation Award. Nominator Brad Bergefurd noted, “Thom is a 20-year dedicated CFAES and OSU South Centers team member, who oversees daily management of the horticulture field and greenhouse research and Extension education projects at Piketon, Bowling Green and Wooster campus locations. He manages this research with an innovative approach, practical, and whole-hearted effort. He has developed creative and innovative solutions to CFAES research facilities that have resulted in significantly more effective, economically viable, and efficient research operations. As a ‘Farmer Engineer,’ Thom has invented machinery, equipment and/or processes to accomplish important agricultural research tasks at very modest cost, saving the university thousands of dollars.”

    Andrea Gorzitze, Grants Development Specialist, Food, Agriculture, and Biological Engineering
    Andrea was awarded the Special Recognition Award. Nominator FABE Professor, Erdal Ozkam, shared, “Andrea has been working with 33 faculty and numerous staff as the Grants Development Specialist at two Departments (FABE and FST) since she joined our College in 2006. The number and the funding levels of grants received by the faculty in our Departments have gone up significantly during the last 10 years. I strongly believe that without Andrea’s personal and dedicated involvement in preparation and submission of grants, we would not have achieved such a high success rate in receiving funding. When a major grant deadline approaches, there is ONE proposal and ONE deadline in the minds of individual faculty members. But for Andrea, there may be a DOZEN proposals and ONE deadline for all dozen proposals. Although it is not expected from her, to avoid missing deadlines and last-minute problems, she proactively communicates with all faculty individually to make sure the grants are submitted on-time, and all the “I’s are dotted, all the T’s got crossed” before a grant is submitted. What she does for her job comes with much stress at times, but she does her job with grace and great patience and we all appreciate her for that.”

    2016-2017 CFAES SAC Executive Committee Officers

    Chair – David Davisson, Marketing and Communications
    Vice Chair – Jared Morrison, Extension Central Administration
    Secretary/Treasurer – Jennifer Weeks, OARDC Fiscal Office
    Communications Director – Kimberly Roush, OSU South Centers-Piketon
    Public Relations/Archivist – Melissa Burant, OARDC Central Administration
    Past Chair – Amanda Forquer, Chi Epsilon Sigma

    First Meeting of the 2016-2017 CFAES Staff Advisory Committee

    See list of all current CFAES SAC Members

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