Welcome to the website of Prof. Andre Carrel!

Andre Carrel is an assistant professor of transportation systems at The Ohio State University and a member of the university’s Translational Data Analytics Institute.

His research interests include:

  • Understanding the influence of autonomous, shared, and alternative-fuel transportation technologies on travel behavior
  • Incorporating the effect of past experiences and habits into travel behavior and demand models
  • Leveraging new data collection technologies to improve the collection of travel behavior data
  • Understanding and mitigating the effect of unreliability on public transportation passengers and operations
  • Designing new operating models for public transportation, shared mobility systems and freight systems that make use of connected vehicle and automation technologies
  • Understanding the interaction between supply chain management strategies, shopping behavior, and travel demand
  • Acquisition and statistical analysis of large-scale data sets from emerging data sources to understand and influence traveler choices and facilitate the design, operations and monitoring of transportation and logistics systems.