Below is a selection of current research projects that Prof. Carrel and his group are involved in. The list is not exhaustive, and in no particular order.

Integrated Smart City Logistics and Passenger Transportation Systems: The research team is designing a new, integrated system where freight and passenger vehicles operate autonomously or semi-autonomously on shared, high-capacity  infrastructure.

San Francisco Travel Quality Study: A pioneering, large-scale, smartphone-based study of transit users with the goal of understanding the dynamics of demand in public transportation and the link between level of service and customer decision-making.

Low-Speed Autonomous Vehicle Use Cases: The research team is working to understand and design use cases for low-speed, shared autonomous vehicles within urban areas in the United States.

Transit Network and Service Design: New data on travel patterns and traveler decision-making, collected from smartphone apps, can be used to improve network design, stop locations, and service times.

Impact of electric and connected vehicles on car ownership: In this project, current and near-term technological trends are explored, and their possible impact on car ownership and demand for multimodal transportation services is quantified.

Return on Investment in Transit State of Good Repair: This project aims to quantify the effect that deferred maintenance and deteriorating infrastructure have on transit service quality, on passenger travel times, and ultimately, on passenger decision-making.