Photo Compositions

Third Composition


Close Composition

Symmetric Composition

Open Composition

     The first photo I had on my phone from earlier this year and I thought would make a good example of a third composition photo. The next 2 photos I took around campus, this is the route I take everyday to class and I have gotten to appreciate walking it as long as I can until the weather gets colder. The last one is the walk back from the rec. center. I love this part of the campus and this picture in particular. It has a little bit of everything from the horse shoe, to the garden on the left and of course the rec. center itself.

Photo Basics

Basic Photoshop Adjustments

     Going around campus to take these pictures was fun but at the same time I really wasn’t sure what I was doing, I played around with the settings on my phone to try and adjust the color but I gave up and did the adjustments on Photoshop. I think its interesting to see the different types of adjustments you can do with the pictures on Photoshop. I really like the overexposure setting because it gives u the feeling of being blinded by the sun even though you are not. There is definitely a personality change between the pictures, looking at the cool picture you kind of get the feeling of winter and the warm one feels like summer. I personally like the Hue/Saturation adjustment, it’s interesting to see the different color combos you can create from different pictures with that tool. Doing this project was cool because I am a freshman here and going around campus was cool for me. Lets you appreciate being here that much more I guess.






Black/White with Tint on and color adjustment

Website Critique

Tower Hobbies

Tower Hobbies Website

I was on this website the other day, don’t know why but I was interested in the products they were selling. The whole website is filled with radio controlled vehicles of different kinds. It was actually pretty addicting to look around. A few things I noticed was how easy it was to get around, it looks very cluttered when entering the site but for the amount of products they are selling its pretty impressive. I searched through some of their tabs and there are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of different products on this website. I will have to admit it is pretty boring looking from the get go but once you get passed that its pretty easy to get around.