Movie Making Story Telling

In this project I decided to clone myself. I created a video of me presenting a new type of chemical “cloning juice”. I actually didn’t know this type of editing was possible on IMovie but once I saw a video on youtube about it I had to try it out. So basically all I did was take two separate videos of me in each chair and put them on top of each other. Then I used the green/bluescreen video overlay setting to cut each video in half. I don’t know what went wrong because I did every step perfectly but I am faded in the left chair which is very annoying. All of the videos on youtube showing this process is done the same as mine, but mine just didn’t work the way I wanted it to. So after trial and error I just accepted the fact that thats what it is going to look like. I then put some cool effects in using the title effects. This part was obviously easy but it works out in my opinion and looks pretty neat. All in all I thought it was a cool project to learn the insides of IMovie which a lot of people probably don’t know about yet.

CANDY! Stop Motion Video

For this project I decided to go the easy route and use some candy I got from Halloween. Its a total of 105 shots compressed into 39 seconds. I was going to actually do a Claymation video but I couldn’t find any clay sold around me so I just went with this. When I went to edit it the hardest part by far was just getting all of the pictures from my Android phone to an IMac. Took about an hour of playing around and numbering the slides to finally get it organized in IMovie. I then couldn’t figure out how to compress all of the slides down to .4 seconds each. The biggest downside is since I use Spotify for all my music I wasn’t able to add a song of my choice to the movie. I just stuck with one of the boring songs from IMovie and called it a day.

Self Portrait

Drum self portrait backup-2mgks39

     For this project I used a variety of different tools. The main one being the magnetic lasso tool. Every single item in this portrait I lassoed and inserted into this as a separate layer. Some of them a lot more difficult than the others but I had fun doing it. I felt like it was more appropriate to put Neil Peart in this instead of me because he is such an inspiration in my life and I owe my urge to drum all to him. So I set his picture on top of all of the other items because he is most important. The hardest part of this project was erasing the background to just leave the single drum. I basically just zoomed in real close and erased the edges of the drum and used it as a base for my project. Then of course I put the universe behind it because I am super interested in space and what is out their for us to explore. Neil Pearts face actually has a filter on it, I forget which one I used but I picked the one I thought would keep him recognized the most. Then I used a light effect tool to give that greenish blue effect. All of the items I put around his head are things that I am most interested in. It is all incased in this snare drum because drumming is most important to me. I wanted to put a nice filter on all of the items behind Neil Pearts head to give it a nice flowing look to it, but every time I tried it would just add to one item or the whole thing not just the stuff behind his head. I loved this project because I love showing my interests to people because I like to see their reactions or see if they have similar interests to relate with!

Magazine Cover

     I decided to go with the magazine cover for this project. As soon as I saw this option I immediately knew what I was going to do. I got the idea from a YouTube channel that does these funny skits on nature. I titled it “nature” using grass and trees from the picture to spell it. I forgot to put a 3D effect on the title and by the time I remembered it was to late to change it. Either that or I just couldn’t figure out how to. So I put a 3D effect in the word AMAZING. I then made up a few things for the front page changing the font and color of the different wording. The “O” is from google so I had to crop pieces of it out to get the grass to show through it.

Unedited Light Trace

Edited Light Trace

Unedited Long Exposure

Edited Long Exposure

Unedited Light Trace 2

Unedited Long Exposure 2

     I live on W Lane Ave so I saw a golden opportunity to take some long exposures. I was disappointed with how they turned out though. I kept retaking the shots and these are the best quality I got out of my phone without paying for the full version of the app. But it was really cool experimenting with different ways, I had a lot of fails with the light tracing especially finding a light source just bright enough and doing things backwards. I stuck with something easy and just said hi as well as just a typical road picture with lights. I will continue to experiment with this app in the future!


Original Photo


Original Photo


Cloudy/ Shady Photo

Golden Hour Lighting

Another Golden Hour but a lot cloudier

     I couldn’t really find anyone willing to help me out with this project so I decided to do the best with what I had. In the first two are the North end of the horseshoe. The first one is the original and the second I actually cleaned up the pillars and sharpened it up a bit. I originally tried to clone over the cart in the front but that was to challenging closer to the bottom. I really enjoyed this one because the concrete was starting to show wear and it gave me a good sense on what it looked like freshly poured. The next two are actually down the street, this was at about 6pm and I saw the sun peaking through the trees and I took the shot, I thought it came out alright. But if you look closely you can see that I edited out some of the leaves, sharpened and changed the contrast of the photo. The last two are the golden hour and the cloudy/shady pictures. I personally think that any picture that is taken during the golden hours are going to turn out fantastic.

Photo Compositions

Third Composition


Close Composition

Symmetric Composition

Open Composition

     The first photo I had on my phone from earlier this year and I thought would make a good example of a third composition photo. The next 2 photos I took around campus, this is the route I take everyday to class and I have gotten to appreciate walking it as long as I can until the weather gets colder. The last one is the walk back from the rec. center. I love this part of the campus and this picture in particular. It has a little bit of everything from the horse shoe, to the garden on the left and of course the rec. center itself.

Photo Basics

Basic Photoshop Adjustments

     Going around campus to take these pictures was fun but at the same time I really wasn’t sure what I was doing, I played around with the settings on my phone to try and adjust the color but I gave up and did the adjustments on Photoshop. I think its interesting to see the different types of adjustments you can do with the pictures on Photoshop. I really like the overexposure setting because it gives u the feeling of being blinded by the sun even though you are not. There is definitely a personality change between the pictures, looking at the cool picture you kind of get the feeling of winter and the warm one feels like summer. I personally like the Hue/Saturation adjustment, it’s interesting to see the different color combos you can create from different pictures with that tool. Doing this project was cool because I am a freshman here and going around campus was cool for me. Lets you appreciate being here that much more I guess.






Black/White with Tint on and color adjustment

Website Critique

Tower Hobbies

Tower Hobbies Website

I was on this website the other day, don’t know why but I was interested in the products they were selling. The whole website is filled with radio controlled vehicles of different kinds. It was actually pretty addicting to look around. A few things I noticed was how easy it was to get around, it looks very cluttered when entering the site but for the amount of products they are selling its pretty impressive. I searched through some of their tabs and there are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of different products on this website. I will have to admit it is pretty boring looking from the get go but once you get passed that its pretty easy to get around.