BuckeyeLearn Steering Committee, OU Administrators, and Support Team

BuckeyeLearn Steering Committee 

The BuckeyeLearn Steering Committee comprises key stakeholders at the senior management level. The team represents user groups that rely on BuckeyeLearn (e.g., learners, managers, and faculty). The Steering Committee sets the organizational and strategic goals for learning and development opportunities managed through BuckeyeLearn.

Steering Committee Chair

  • Erica Banta | Talent Management Director, Office of Human Resources

Steering Committee Members

  • Diane Dagefoerde | Deputy Chief Information Officer, Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Kim Potter | Policy and Training Director, Office of University Compliance and Integrity
  • Christy Bickerstaff | Manager – Learning Architecture Team, Wexner Medical Center
  • Jan Neiger |  Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Bob Mains | Senior Director of Application Services, Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Lisa Plaga | Controller, Office of Business and Finance
  • Sarah Conley | HR Manager, College of Engineering

Organizational Unit Administrators (OU admins) 

BuckeyeLearn Organizational Unit System Administrators are responsible for the accuracy and thoroughness of their content configuration in the system. In addition, they are responsible for the quality of the learning programs they own (i.e., accuracy, relevance, and timeliness), as well as definition and enforcement of non-compliance with training standards.


  • Makena Lynch

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Chris Wallace

College of Dentistry

  • Jessica Phillips

College of Education and Human Ecology

  • (vacant)

College of Nursing

  • Beny Walujo

College of Optometry

  • Karla Genglar-Nowak

College of Pharmacy

  • (vacant)

Enrollment Services and Undergraduate Education

  • Amanda Smith

Office of Academic Affairs

  • Sheila Craft-Morgan

Office of Administration and Planning

  • Kurt Farnsworth (A&P)
  • Desiree Weber (Facilities and Operations Development – FOD)
  • Mitch Baker (Environmental Health and Services – EHS)
  • Kyle Winkler (Environmental Health and Services – EHS)

Office of Advancement

  • Carol Payne

Office of Business and Finance

  • Scott Millard (Human Resources)
  • Sherry Smith
  • Melinda Swanner (Financial Training and Development)

Office of the Chief Information Officer

  • Jessica Roberts

Office of Compliance

  • Melissa Leonard

Office of Human Resources

  • Lisa Poulin

Office of Institutional Equity

  • Molly Peirano

Office of Research

  • Jody Austin

Office of Student Life

  • Marusela Anders

Ohio State Lima

  • Melissa Coldiron

Ohio State Mansfield

  • Nicole Wakeley

University Libraries

  • Randall McKenzie


  • Ivan Stefano

Wexner Center for the Arts

  • Kevin Hathaway

Wexner Medical Center 

  • Kendra Hill
  • Michelle Stiver
  • Peggy Sutliff

BuckeyeLearn Support and Operations Team

  • Kellie Dowell | BuckeyeLearn Coordinator, Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Lauren McBride | Intermediate BuckeyeLearn Analyst, Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • Jennifer Spohn | Intermediate BuckeyeLearn Analyst, Office of the Chief Information Officer
  • John Votino | Senior Manager, Managed Services, Office of the Chief Information Officer