Week 5: Design Vote

Welcome back!

First, if you want to help us out even more, make sure you check out our sign up page and everything we’ve got posted over there. Feel free to vote and comment without officially signing up, though!

This week, we’ll ask for you to vote on two important parts of our experimental design, and we’ll reveal the results of last week’s vote, too.



We’ll give you the pros and cons of each option there, so feel free to click on the link and vote right now.

Remember – to answer our question about internal language, we’re going to ask participants in our experiment to view a screen of images and try to remember the list while repeating them internally or out-loud (spoiler on the vote results!).


Now for the results from last week’s vote on experimental design!

Between Subjects won by a big margin, but we had a 50-50 tie for our Speech Condition vote! We did a tie breaker on our research team, and we’ve decided to skip the ‘no speech’ condition this time around and only have internal or out-loud conditions.

We’ll be using this information to help build the experiment that we’ll be launching in just a little while – and of course this week’s vote will help us figure this out, too!


Here are the questions we’ll be asking you to vote on this week…

Question 1: how easy should it be to name the images?

Should we give participants pictures of things that are really easy to recall the names of, like a dog or a pencil, or should we give them things that are a bit harder or less common, like a hyena or a quill? How might this difference affect our results?

Question 2: how many items should there be for people to remember?

Of course, we can’t ask participants to accurately remember 1000 pictures, and it wouldn’t be very challenging or helpful to our experiment if we only gave them 1 picture, either. So how many should we use? What’s the sweet spot where using language differently might help some people remember better or worse than others?



That’s it for this week!

These choices you vote for will shape our experiment and there is no right or wrong answer. Now that we’ve asked you all of the questions we had about building our study, is there anything you think we missed? Let us know about it down in the comments! Next week, you’ll help us finalize the stimuli we use in our experiment.

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2 thoughts on “Week 5: Design Vote

  1. I thought of another question about the study design: Are the participants going to get all of the pictures at once or are they going to get them one at a time?

  2. With easier words like ”dog”, would a person picture the image they were given, or their own dog? Since “dog” is a pretty relatable word, and since most people have dogs, and most people don’t have inner dialogues, wouldn’t they remember the picture… as another picture? Sorry if that sounded confusing, and if i am getting a bit off-topic.

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