About Us

We’re a team of researchers and students at The Ohio State University’s Language Sciences Research Lab (the Language Pod). We study how language works and how we can help other people get involved with science. You can find the Pod in the LIFE exhibit at Columbus’s COSI science museum, where we do all kinds of awesome work with COSI visitors to better understand human language. Read more about the Language Pod HERE!


Laura Wagner (https://u.osu.edu/wagner.602/) is a professor of Psychology at the Ohio State University.  She studies how children learn language and directs the Language Sciences Research Lab.


Sudha Arunachalam (https://wp.nyu.edu/learnlab/) is an associate professor at New York University. She studies language learning in children and directs NYU’s LEARN Lab.


Mikey Sales is a graduate student pursuing a PhD in Cognitive Psychology at the Ohio State University. He is interested in the factors that help underlie children’s math and science abilities.


Hi! I’m Su Awani (though the image above is from one of my favorite films, Whisper of the Heart), and I’m working on this project because I find language fascinating and I’m curious to see what aspect of language the public wants to investigate!


My name’s Nick Bednar, and I’m an undergrad student at Ohio State about to start my fourth year majoring in Linguistics! I’ve worked for the Language Pod for the past few years, and I love getting to talk to people about why language is so cool.



Check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or send us an email at bln.diy@osu.edu – we’d love to connect with you!