El Posto de Finito (Wrap-up)

This post is meant to reflect on my overall experience in this course, so I’ll touch on a couple key concepts that I pulled out and think I’ll truly make use of in the future. Firstly, one major realization I had about using online resources is that the Internet is truly an open book with a million different authors, so you need to be careful about checking the validity of your information. For example – the title of this post (El Posto de Finito) is the translation I got from entering “the final post” into a English to Spanish translator that I found randomly – and obviously didn’t bother to confirm it’s correctness! ((el mensaje final is the correct translation)) One thing I learned about myself would be that – while I pride myself in getting things done in the most time-efficient and logical manner – I’ve been ignoring the presence of many useful online tools and technology for much to long. In the future, I plan on taking time out of assignments to search for tools that will make it easier, more engaging or simply more fun to accomplish them. Another thing I learned about myself was that I am a chronic procrastinator – but that there is hope to curing this illness! Although it’s taken a good deal of work, the help provided in this course as well as some other courses I’m currently enrolled in has help me to lift the veil on why I’m so attracted to procrastination and see the true affects it has on the rest of my life. For instance – now that I put time aside to plan out how long assignments will take and what level of priority they should be assigned, I’ve noticed my overall stress levels (in all areas of my life, not just school) have decreased drastically. Overcoming my tendency to procrastinate has also taught me a lesson in working hard to make positive life-style changes – even a bad habit that I’m so well-versed in can be changed with the right tools and a little dedication!

I would have to say my transformation from a procrastinator has been the most meaningful experience in this course because it’s changed the capacity in which I operate in many areas of my life. Other meaningful experiences in this course include learning how to more effectively use online tools to supplement my in-class learning, as well as using organization tools (like time-tracking, calenders, ect. ) to help my more accurately plan out my study-time – which leads to worry free relaxation time. Finally, I plan on applying what I’ve learned in this class in all my future studies because I feel like I’d be cheating myself if I didn’t! Skills I mentioned above like effective time-management and learning the causes, affects and solutions to procrastination are skills that can be carried and applied to any school or job situation that I encounter in the future. In fact – these skills are so applicable to everyone and every situation that I plan on looking for signs in people procrastinate (things that make them like I was at the beginning of this course) and help them overcome these tendencies so that they can be free and confident in their ability to work hard, have fun and earn the reward they so rightfully deserve.