Different learning methods: a video example

This video (below) first gives an overview of why guitar strings are so integral to how a guitar sounds as a final product. It then tells of several different ways in which the quality of the strings are tested before being used in a guitar, such as the “twist test” and the “tension” test, which measure strength and elasticity respectively. After these tests, the core wire needs to be spun around a ball-end  and then covered in it’s exterior bronze wire finish. Finally, the video briefly explains the difference between bronze and nylon based guitar string construction.

The most important way the video supplements my learning of this topic is by providing visual aids. Not only is the process of making guitar strings long, but it also involves a lot of vocabulary that normal folk wouldn’t be familiar with. With the timely video clips and the narration that goes with them, I don’ have to look up every single word I don’t know because I can link these unknowns to the video. Another way the video enhances this topic is by presenting this sequential construction in a way that makes sense, is easy to remember and is interesting because the narration and selected video footage flow so seamlessly from one stage to another.






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