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Welcome to The Bat Signal, not to be confused with the Bat-Signal which, I’m sure, is protected intellectual property. Instead of serving as an alert call for your local superhero, this blog is the go-to place for information, updates, and tips for anyone producing branded materials for the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. We’ll keep you informed about new additions to our brand website, answer any questions you might have, show off some great submissions to our BAT email, provide important brand update information, and sometimes include some tutorials that will help you take your communications materials to the next level. So sit back and prepare to be delighted and maybe even dazzled!


Pardon our mess

If you happened to visit the brand site last week, you may have noticed some inconsistencies. Maybe something was out of place. Maybe something just looked weird.

Have no fear. We haven’t lost our minds—yet. We’re doing a minor refresh to the site which will eventually make its way to the rest of our sites.

We’re brightening things up to help with readability. Expanding our views to make it easier to find things without excessive scrolling. Removing the clutter because less is more. Basically, we’re doing some spring cleaning in October.

We’ll also be adding some new art elements, an Adobe Spark toolkit, and overhauled templates that are accessible to screen readers. We’ll update this space when we have an announcement to make. We’ll also send out a note on Twitter, so make sure you follow us if you don’t already.

In the meantime, let us know if you have any questions about anything. We’re here to help!

Get ready to get ready!

Beginning in the academic year 2019-2020 and running through the fall of 2020, The Ohio State University and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences will mark 150 years with a global celebration for all Buckeyes.

The university got its start in 1870 when the Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College, which evolved to become the institution we know and love, CFAES. Since its founding, Ohio State has epitomized the belief that by educating our citizenry, we ensure a better tomorrow for ourselves and for society. Throughout the sesquicentennial, we’ll be honoring and exploring our history, celebrating who we are today, and envisioning and embracing our future as a national flagship public research university.

As a cornerstone college, we want to make sure that our contributions are recognized. The BAT team has worked with the university to develop a set of marks that should be used on all print materials. There are also special marks to use when you’re creating sesquicentennial-related merchandise and apparel.


CFAES 150 print mark





CFAES 150 merchandise and apparel mark








Download assets here.  Note: You must have Ohio State credentials to access the contents of the folder. If you are not part of CFAES and need access to one of the marks, please email us at

How does this impact me?
Anyone producing print materials that have a shelf life of less than two years should add the CFAES 150 print mark in place of the regular CFAES logo.

I just printed my department’s brochures. Do I need to reprint them with the 150 mark? No. Buckeyes are all about sustainability. If your materials have already been printed, that quantity should be used up before reprinting. However, if you run out of your materials while the sesquicentennial is underway, or you are in the process of developing materials that will be printed soon, you should include the 150 mark.

Can I add my department or unit name to the 150 mark? No, the CFAES 150 mark should not be modified in any way. You can, and should, include your department or unit name in text using one of the approved brand identification methods. See the brand site for unit identification options.


Do you have other questions about the sesquicentennial? Email us at

Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines

Effective April 15, 2019, The Ohio State University adopted The Institutional Social Media Accounts for Marketing and Communications policy. If you manage a social media account for CFAES purposes, please read the policy and accompanying documents at To help you implement the policy, please refer to the Social Media Policy Playbook.

As you know, our brand identity reinforces that we are one college with one mission: We sustain life.

Through all CFAES communications, including social media accounts, we want individuals—alumni, donors, partners, friends, legislators, and clientele—to know and recognize who we are. We also want them to know about the great work we do through teaching, research, and outreach. To do that, we must be consistent in how we communicate about who we are. To help strengthen our online identity, we have created avatars to be used across all accounts. If you maintain a CFAES-related social media account, please use the general CFAES avatar. If your program is a cross-college initiative, meaning your work is done through more than one college, please use the alternate avatar. Avatars should be applied to accounts now.

If you have any questions about avatars, social media branding, or have trouble downloading the files below, please email the CFAES Brand Team at

CFAES social media avatar

CFAES avatar

Alternate social media avatar

Alternate social media avatar