The University of Notre Dame’s award-winning 2 minute video segments called “What Would You Fight For?,” originally aired during a home football game broadcast on NBC

Dr. James Schmiedeler from Notre Dame (Left) and Dr. D. Michele Basso from Ohio State (Right) Full Story and Videos can be found at

“Schmiedeler is now collaborating with researchers at the NeuroRecovery Network at The Ohio State University, including D. Michele Basso, professor and director of research at the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. To start, Schmiedeler worked with OSU on research that evaluated young, healthy subjects walking on a treadmill. Those findings directly informed Schmiedeler’s efforts to improve the design and control of the biped robots in his lab. Together, Schmiedeler and OSU are now utilizing these same principles as a way to understand the difficulties humans experience when relearning to walk after incomplete spinal cord injury.”

 September 11, 2017  Author: Office of Strategic Content


Biped Robot from Notre Dame

Schmeideler’s biped robot provides a platform on which different walking control strategies can be readily tested, with the insights gained from those experiments informing Basso’s team’s efforts to develop improved therapeutic techniques.

“He can control the magnitude of the change,” Basso says. “He can do it quick. And sometimes, he can make the robot fall. We would never do that in our human subjects, obviously. It makes for a very strong collaboration, and blends expertise that are truly one of a kind.”

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