Qualtrics for OSU Extension

All OSU personnel have accounts for Qualtrics to generate online and mobile-friendly surveys and evaluations. The OSU Extension Program Development and Evaluation (PDE) Program has a great information page about Qualtrics at pde.osu.edu/Qualtrics

When you log into Qualtrics for the first time, you need to upgrade your account from a student-trial account to a standard account. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to http://osu.qualtrics.com
  • Log in with your OSU name.# and password
  • Choose the option, “I don’t have an account” and follow the prompts.

This only begins your student trial account. You’ll need to request an upgrade code from CFAES to be able to share and distribute surveys and evaluations. To request a code, please contact Debby Lewis, Leader, PDE, OSU Extension at lewis.205@osu.edu 

For information about using Qualtrics, go to pde.osu.edu/Qualtrics