Vol. 4, Issue 5, March 15, 2017

Message from the Assistant Director

Another Pest Ed. season is nearly in the books. In addition, the initial three years of FACT training are also coming to an end.  During this first three-year period, OSUE was the sole provider of the three hour FACT programs.  We developed the curriculum, and started delivering programs in September of 2014, several months ahead of schedule.  This early start was in response to the Toledo water crisis in August of 2014, and was possible due to the hard work put into curriculum development during the summer of 2014.  To date, there have been 294 FACT programs conducted for 14,584.  Of that number, 13,529 have been formally certified by the ODA (there is a lag time between the training and when ODA issues the certificate).

Through discussions with ODA, it has been decided that OSUE will continue to be the sole provider of the initial three hour FACT certification programs. ODA expects that there will only be a few of these per year.  FACT recertification will consist of one hour of fertilizer training every three years, and will be renewed on the same cycle as pesticide applicators licensing.

We have agreed with ODA that for simplicity, FACT recertification will be handled in the same way PAT currently is.  As it is now, anyone can conduct PAT training; they just need approval from ODA to offer the training for credit towards recertification.  Since OSUE already conducts the vast majority of PAT recertification programs across the state, it is expected that we will also conduct the vast majority of the FACT recertification programs.  There has been some concern that the SWCDs would take over FACT training, but this is not the case.

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Personnel Updates

  • Cathann Kress named the new Dean and VP for Ag. Administration (From Provost Bruce McPheron)

With great pleasure, I write to advise you that we have recommended the appointment of Cathann Arceneaux Kress, PhD, currently vice president for extension and outreach and director of cooperative extension, Iowa State University, as vice president for agricultural administration and dean of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.  Subject to approval by the Board of Trustees, Dr. Kress will begin her appointment on May 1, 2017.

In her current role, Dr. Kress leads the land-grant mission of teaching, research and service for the public good at Iowa State.  This $100 million operation connects the full assets of the university with all of Iowa.  Her success in using university-wide outreach programs to enhance education and innovation in Iowa communities have aligned with her key responsibility to advise the president and provost on extension and outreach issues.

Dr. Kress has taught undergraduate and graduate students at all levels.  In addition, her research and applied research efforts have focused on impacts on rural populations.  For example, her work has included the impacts of multiple deployments on dependent children of Reserve and Guard, programs to assist disadvantaged children, youth and families and on achievement gaps that impact rural youth.

Prior to her leadership at Iowa State University, Dr. Kress served as a senior policy analyst of Military Community and Family Policy at the Department of Defense in Washington, DC.  In addition, she has served as director of youth development at the National 4-H Headquarters, USDA, also in Washington, DC, and as assistant director, Cornell Cooperative Extension and State Program Leader at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

Among her many national leadership roles, she currently serves as a trustee of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation Board in Battle Creek, Michigan; secretary and incoming chair, Administrative Heads Section, Board on Agriculture Assembly, Association of Public Land Grant Universities; and as a National 4-H Council trustee.

Dr. Kress earned a BS in social work at Iowa State University, and an MA in counselor education/college student development and a PhD education from the University of Iowa.

Please join me in thanking the search committee chair, Dean Karla Zadnik, College of Optometry, and other committee members for their diligent work during the past several months.  I look forward to working with Cathann as we move forward with an ambitious agenda for our college and university.  Please join me in congratulating Cathann and welcoming her to Ohio State.

    • Franklin County is hiring an additional ANR educator to work with Mike Hogan.  State screenings were held on March 10, with county screenings TBD.
    • Henry County ANR county screenings were conducted on February 20.
    • Williams Co. is going to hire an additional ANR Educator to work with Flo Chirra.  That position will be posted soon.  State and County screenings are TBD.
    • Morrow County ANR has been advertised.  State and county screenings are TBD.

  • Barb Brahm, Interim RD for the SE Region has announced her retirement effective May 31 of 2017.  The search process for this position is just beginning with Tom Archer as the search committee chair.

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Jamie Seger and Jerry Thomas were part of a four-person team awarded the JCEP Award for Creative Excellence for the Ed Tech Learning Network.  Congratulations Jamie and Jerry!

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Happy St. Urho’s Day on March 16!
(adapted from: https://www.brownielocks.com/urho.html and google images)

Once upon a time, many years ago in Finland there used to be wild grapes growing all over.  Over time, these wild grapes were cultivated and (like grapes around world) were made into wine.

Well, one season a bunch of grasshoppers with a voracious appetite for grapes invaded Finland.  What to do?

Enter our great Finnish Hero, St. Urho!  Waving his pitchfork and chanting “Heinasirkka, heinasirkka, meine taatta hiiteen ” (which in English means “Grasshopper grasshopper get out of here!”) he drove the grasshoppers out of the vineyards and saved the wine!  (I’m sure everyone from Northern Michigan through Minnesota wished that getting rid of mosquitoes could be that easy).  Some locations even hold reenactments of St. Uhos’ heroic deeds.

The Finnish grape framers were and still are very protective of their fields because the growing season is so short. In an effort to protect damage from insects (when Urho couldn’t be found) Vodka was injected into their grapes to give them an increased alcohol content.  This may be one of the first recorded “organic” IPM practices.

Feeling so happy and grateful to Urho, Finland named him a saint with his feast day on March 16, the day before St. Patrick’s Day. Every year since then, the Finnish people celebrate St. Urho’s Day on March 16.  Celebrations are held across Finland, and the Upper Lake States from the U.P. of Michigan to Minnesota.  There is also a St. Urho’s day parade in Rollo N.D.  The official colors are purple to represent the grapes and green to represent the vines or the dead grasshoppers, subject to local interpretation.

The St. Urho’s day ceremony begins at sunrise. Women and children go down to the lakeshore and chant “Heinasirkka, heinasirrkka, meine taatta hiiteen” just like St. Urho did thousands of years before or “Grasshopper, Grasshopper get out of  here” if you don’t speak Finnish. (After all it’s pretty easy to remember.)  The men dress in green and gather at the top of the hill and then start a procession down to the lake kicking and waving pitchforks to scare off the imaginary grasshoppers.  No one is exactly sure when or how, but along the way the men change into purple clothes.

The celebration also includes singing, dancing polkas and drinking wine, (grape juice for those underage) and having Mojakkaa (fish soup pronounced “moy-yah-kah”) which is what St. Urho ate to give him his strength to fight grasshoppers.  It is said to be lucky if you get a fisheye in your spoon looking up at you!

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Team and Program Updates

The Agricultural Safety and Health Team has changed this past year. We have new members ‘working for the cause and doing a great job! Hopefully you have had a chance to meet us.

  • Laura Akgerman, Disabilities Service Coordinator is with Ohio AgrAbility; and Laura also assists OSUE with disability service questions. If you need to know how to accommodate special requests by your clients, or have meeting space accessibility questions, please reach Laura at 614-292-0622 or akgerman.4 @osu.edu.
  • Lisa Pfeifer, Program Manager, is working as the educational coordinator for several program areas: Grain CART, AgrAbility, and Disaster Education. She is also available to conduct safety trainings for those BWC programs in your county. Lisa is available at 614-292-9455 or pfeifer.6@osu.edu.
  • Don’t forget Dee Jepsen and Kent McGuire are always available to answer your workforce safety questions. Both Kent and Dee teach a variety of outreach programs for farm audiences and BWC safety programs. Dee is at 614-292-6008 (jepsen.4) and Kent at 614-292-0588 (mcguire.225).

Contact us to schedule a future program in your area, ask a specific question, or share an idea.  All of the programs and resources offered by our team are designed to meet the needs of your local agricultural community to enhance their quality of life. Our website is www.agsafety.osu.edu.

Agricultural Safety Factsheets. Our team is working to validate and update the OSUE factsheets. If you need a specific title and can no longer access it, please let us know.

Small Farm and Garden Safety Factsheets. New materials specifically for small farms, CSA operations, and Master Gardeners are available on the new Ohioline.

OSHA and AG is a growing program area where the principles of OSHA are applied to agricultural settings. This 10-hour formal training program helps farm managers and workers better understand the risks and the approaches to prevention. Our Ag Safety Office has 2 certified instructors to conduct trainings and issue OSHA General Industry cards after completion of training (a certificate course recognized by the Department of Labor). Target audiences for this 2-day program includes agricultural operations that hire more than 10 employees, high school aged workers looking for employment certifications to enhance their career passports, and industry workers in a variety of agricultural-based organizations.

Other popular programs offered by our team include:

  • Agricultural Rescue Programs for farm communities as well as fire and EMT training;
  • Sun Safety and Skin Cancer Prevention Programs including the Dermascan units;
  • Emergency Preparedness Training and Interactive Learning Resources for Agritourism Operations like educational farms, vineyards, u-pick operations, and other ag-related venues that invite the public onto their property.
  • Hazardous Occupations Safety Training in Agriculture (HOSTA) certifying youth ages14-15 to operate tractors and agricultural machinery. This is a certificate course recognized by the Department of Labor. We also teach Women in Ag Tractor Safety Courses.
  • Safety & Health Programs for Amish Communities focusing on SMV and roadway safety, skid loader & tractor safety, and educational activities for Amish Children to learn safety and health practices.
  • AgrAbility Programs and On-Farm Consultations to assist farmers and farm employees with physical and cognitive disabilities to remain productive on the farm.

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Beef Team

Over the past 3 months, the Beef Team has published and released 13 Ohio BEEF Cattle newsletters. The Beef Team site (beef.osu.edu) continues to average more than 100 views daily.

Beef Team members participated in planning and teaching the recent Beef 509 to participants at the OSU Meat Lab.

Three articles written by Beef Team members have been submitted and published in the Ohio Farmer Magazine.

Four articles written by OSU Extension Beef Team members have been submitted and published in the Ohio Cattleman’s Magazine.

One article written by an OSU Extension Beef Team member was published in The Progressive Cattleman magazine.

Numerous of the previously mentioned original articles have been reprinted in Ohio’s Country Journal and Drover’s On-line.

One new presentation was added to the Beef Team’s YouTube channel. Since the channel was created 4 and one half years ago, the 41 posted videos have received more than 133,000 views.

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Interesting News Stories

2 of a farmer’s 3 children Overdosed.  What of the third-and the land (from Roger Rennekamp.  You really should read this to get a very personal perspective on the opiate problem in Ohio)

How to reduce the environmental impact of a loaf of bread

How much should you pay for a drone?

Want more crop variety?  Researchers propose using CRISPR to accelerate plant domestication

Mid-Mesozoic beetle in amber stirs questions on rise of flowering plants and pollinators

Avoiding the succession plan discussion?  Six questions you should discuss immediately

Microbes in soil are essential for life and may help mitigate climate change

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Vol. 4, Issue 4, March 1, 2017

Message from the Assistant Director

This is a new section of the newsletter where I will provide you with updates on some of the things I’ve been working on.  Since I ask you for updates, I thought it was only fair for me to do the same.

Since October, I have been with working closely with the CFAES finance office on changes in PAT funds handling.  These changes were mandated by OSU internal audit for the entire college.  The academic units have been undergoing changes in funds handling over the last two years, and now it’s our turn.

The process for PAT funds handling has gone through many iterations.  I know this has been frustrating.   But we’ve been trying to make this process as county friendly as possible and have worked through many challenges and road blocks.  We finally have the process worked out, at least for this PAT season.  The key points are as follows (from my email dated 2-17-17):

  1. You will not be charged the $5 per person overhead fee.  These funds were to be deposited with the state PSEP office.  This is no longer the case.  If you were charged this, and I don’t think anyone has yet, it will be returned to your county accounts managed through the CFAES finance office.
  1. We are centrally covering the dreaded 5.7% fee OSU charges for revenue accounts.  This 5.7% charge will show up in your county accounting statements, however it will be returned to the county accounts managed on campus by the CFAES finance office.
  1. Between the return of the dreaded 5.7% fee and not collecting the $5 per person fee, the county will  still be getting all the funds they normally would have received from conducting pest ed training. The only change is that these funds will be available through the county account as managed by the CFAES finance office on campus instead of being in your local county checking accounts.

This summer, a committee of educators will be formed to work with my office and CFAES finance on future changes.  Thank you for your patience during this process.

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Personnel Updates

    • Henry County ANR county screenings were conducted on February 20.
    • Williams Co. is going to hire an additional ANR Educator to work with Flo Chirra.  That position will be posted soon.
    • Barb Brahm, Interim RD for the SE Region has announced her retirement effective May 31 of 2017.  The search process for this position is just beginning with Tom Archer as the search committee chair.
    • The search for a new Dean/Vice President of Agricultural Operations is continuing.  Two candidates have been brought to campus to date.

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Congratulations to Chris Penrose and Jeff McCutcheon on their election to represent CFAES on the University Senate!

Building Ohio State

Building Ohio State tells the story of the unique connections and history shared between The Ohio State University and Ohio’s forests. From its beginnings as a land-grant institution to the renovation of the Thompson Library, the University has been instrumental in promoting forest research and education and demonstrating sound management of Ohio’s forests.

The exhibition examines the past, present, and future of Ohio’s timber resources. From near-complete removal at the beginning of the 20th century, Ohio’s forests made a comeback thanks to The Ohio State University’s many contributions to forestry research, acquisitions of forest land, and its sustainable management. Building Ohio State celebrates the 10th anniversary of the renovation of the Thompson Library with white oak (Quercus alba) harvested from Ohio’s Zaleski State Forest. The exhibition highlights sustainable forest management and its continuing role in education, sustainability, and economic development in the state of Ohio.

This project is organized by The Ohio State University Libraries and the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences in collaboration with the Ohio Society of American Foresters, the Ohio Forestry Association, the Ohio Tree Farm Committee, and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry.

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FACT Training Notice from ODA via Mimi Rose, PSEP Coordinator

The ODA want us to let our producers know that no one needs to recertify their FACT certificate this year.   Surprisingly large numbers of farmers who were certified before this year are showing up at meetings this winter. If there is anything you can do to get the word out, please help. You may want to inform people at check in, or even make a sign to this effect. These eager beavers probably contributed to problems we’ve had at some meetings with running out of FACT manuals.

If you need more FACT or PAT manuals let us know and we can help you locate some.  Also, we are reprinting both with expected delivery 2/16.

ODA wants pesticide and fertilizer re-certifications to occur in the same year. This will simplify things for our farmers, OSUE, and ODA. The table below is a guide to when farmers will need to recertify their FACT certificates.

Year Pesticide License is Renewed Year FACT Certified Need to recertify Pesticide before expiration in Need to re-certify FACT before expiration in
2015 2015 2018 2018
2015 2016 2018 2018
2015 2017 2018 2018
2016 2015 2019 2019
2016 2016 2019 2019
2016 2017 2019 2019
2017 2015 2020 2020
2017 2016 2020 2020
2017 2017 2020 2020

Fall 2014 certificates will be treated like 2015 certificates

Nobody with an Ohio fertilizer certification will need to re-certify prior to 2018.  You may have a fertilizer certification that shows an expiration date prior to 2018, but the ODA will automatically re-issue the certificate when they receive your next license renewal.

For example, if your pesticide license expires in 2017, and you earned your fertilizer certificate in 2016, you will automatically be reissued a fertilizer certificate that has an expiration date the same as your pesticide license when the ODA receives your pesticide license renewal.  Both will expire in 2020.

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Recently Published Fact Sheets and Other Publications

Maps, Apps and Mobile Media Marketing
by Julie Fox, Rob Leeds, Eric Barrett, and Jacci Smith

Whole Farm Planning Model
by David L. Marrison

Planning for the Successful Transition of Your Agricultural Business
by Davis L. Marrison

Current Sanitation Practices for Leafy Green Vegetables for Processors, Retailers, and Consumers
by Ryan A. Gehringer, Sudhir Sastry and Gönül Kaletunç

Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Native Bees
by Denise Ellsworth

Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Bumble Bees
by Denise Ellsworth

Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Pollinators
by Denise Ellsworth

Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Honey Bees
by Denise Ellsworth

Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Monarchs
by Denise Ellsworth

PLPATH-GEN-1, Plants Get Sick Too!

PLPATH-GEN-2, Diagnosing Sick Plants

PLPATH-GEN-3, 20 Questions on Plant Diagnosis

PLPATH-GEN-4, Keeping Plants Healthy

PLPATH-GEN-5, Viral Diseases of Plants

PLPATH-GEN-6, Bacterial Diseases of Plants

PLPATH-GEN-7, Fungal and Fungal-like Diseases of plants

PLPATH-GEN-8, Nematode Diseases of Plants

PLPATH-GEN-9, Parasitic Higher Plants

PLPATH-GEN-10, Sanitation and Phytosanitation

Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Pollinators, ENT-78

Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Honey Bees, ENT-79

Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Native Bees, ENT-80

Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Bumble Bees, ENT-81

Pollinator Quick Guide: What You Can Do to Help Monarchs, ENT-82

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Swine Health Symposium

The Ohio Swine Health Symposium is scheduled for March 15, 2017 at the Der Dutchman Restaurant in Plain City, Ohio. Here is a link to the program agenda and registration: http://origin.ohiopork.org/media/Content/2017-swine-health-symposium.pdf

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NC ANR Academy Survey

The North Central Region Cropping Systems Academy pest management and scouting group is looking for input to focus their efforts to develop educational resources. They would like for you to take a few minutes to answer the following questions about tools you currently use or need for scouting and educational programs about scouting. This survey consists of 12 questions and should take less than 20 minutes to complete.

Here is the link to complete the survey:  https://iastate.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_bad9ZaLwyTpFfTf

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Team and Program Updates

Direct Marketing Team

The team presented 10 sessions in Sandusky, Ohio during the 2017 Ohio Produce Growers and Marketers Association Congress Jan. 16-18.  In addition to the presentations, we facilitated a grower’s round table discussion to assist them in peer-to-peer learning for addressing business marketing challenges.  The team also had a display and resource area during the conference to help share information with direct marketers attending the conference.

Other team presentations included:

Melissa Carter, Business Development Specialists presented to the Miami County Farmers’ Market

Ivory Harlow, Business Development Specialist presented the January Direct Marketing Team webinar, “Social Media Strategies for Small Farms” and Eric Barrett, Extension Educator presented “Marketing Lessons Learned from the Super Bowl” during the February webinar.

Christie Welch, Direct Marketing Specialist presented

  • “Developing Your Marketing Plan” to the Aquaculture Boot Camp 2 participants in January.
  • “How to develop a marketing plan that works for you and your business” and “Identifying Your Target Market” at the SW Specialty Crop Conference in Loveland, Ohio.
  • “What Makes a Successful Farmers Market” to Ohio Heritage Foundation members via webinar.
  • “Marketing Your Hops” during the Ohio Hops Conference in Piketon, Ohio.

Mary Griffith, Extension Educator presented Maps&Apps Mobile Media Marketing during the SW Specialty Crop Conference in Loveland, Ohio.

Ivory Harlow, Business Development Specialist attended:

  • Ohio Farm Bureau YAP Conference, attended sessions on niche marketing of specialty crops
  • Meat Summit, discussed direct marketing, presented on co-ops
  • American Farm Bureau Conference, sessions on marketing farm products
  • WV Small Farms Conference, attended Farmer Veteran Coalition breakout, discussed co-marketing Homegrown by Heroes Products

The team had a display at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association Conference in Dayton, Ohio.

The team is in the process of updating Device-Ready – Mobile Media Marketing (previously Maps & Apps) to better reflect the training program and curriculum developed.

Upcoming presentations include:

March 11 Small Farm College Wilmington, OH
March 24&25 NE Women in Ag Massillon, OH
March 28, 30, and April 4 Ohio Proud Trainings Reynoldsburg, Piketon, Norwalk
April 5 Agritourism Workshop Waldo, OH
April 25 DeviceReady with Ohio SBDC Columbus, OH
TBD MarketReady Cuyahoga Co, Franklin Co, Hamilton Co.

The team is also working with Dr. Tim Woods, University of Kentucky to update the MarketReady program in Ohio.  We will be offering a number of MarketReady trainings throughout the state in the coming months.  In addition to the training, we will also begin offering the MarketReady Master Course developed by Dr. Woods and his team in Kentucky.  These trainings are offered to graduates of the MarketReady course and share in-depth information on specific topics relevant to the graduates businesses.

Finally, the team continues to work on publication of various factsheets to assist Ohio direct marketers in more effectively marketing their products and managing their businesses.

New and Small Farm Colleges

Since mid-January, the Small Farm Program has been hosting three New and Beginning Small Farm Colleges hosted by Clermont, Knox/Morrow, and Auglaize/Hardin county Extension offices. These colleges will all be concluded by March 9, 2017.  Thanks to our hosts for 2017: Carrie Jagger, Sabrina Schirtzinger, Gigi Neal, Jeff Stachler, and Mark Badertscher . Without their support the colleges would not have been a success!

There are 103 total participants. Participants are from 22 different counties, are evenly balanced with 53 males and 50 women, ranging in age from 15 to 70 years of age.  Sixty-two (62) percent noted they are part-time farmers. Sixty Five percent (65%) reported they have not attended an Extension program before.  The size of farms ranges from 0 to 300 acres and an average farm size of 44 acres.

Forty seven percent (47%) reported they do not have a plan for their land.  Seventy eight percent (78%) do not have a marketing plan. And seventy five percent (75%) do not have a financial plan for their farm.

Motivation to owning the land was a lifestyle choice (77.6%), earn a living (42.7%), retirement (36%), and Investment (15.5%).

Small Farm Conferences

Two conferences are planned again this coming March in Wilmington (March 10 & 11) and Massillon (March 25), Ohio. Over 30 Extension professional will be presenting at these two conferences as well as several industry and producer speakers.

Many Thanks to all who have contributed to these conferences.

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EERA Updates

Heart of Ohio

Madison County

  • Partnering with Delaware and Union Counties on monthly Farmers’ Breakfast Series. The January breakfast was a policy update from a local member of the Trump Ag Advisory Committee. Mark Loux was the February breakfast speaker.
  • Hosted one PAT in January and one FACT in February, with upcoming March dates for each.
  • Hosted a farm estate planning meeting and co-hosted an Ag Outlook meeting with Union and Champaign Counties.
  • Hosted a planter in-service for Extension employees and a planter workshop for growers.
  • Taught Plant Pathology for Master Gardeners (Miami Co), Composting in the Classroom as part of Project Green Teacher (Franklin Co), and Marketing Alternatives at three Small Farms Colleges (Knox/Morrow Co, Clermont Co, Hardin/Auglaize Co).
  • Taught at conferences including OPGMA, MGIX, Southwest Fruit and Vegetable Growers Conference, and the Columbus Home and Garden Show.

Franklin County

  • Graduated 40 individuals from 11 week Master Urban Farmer Program included a day-long bus trip to many of the urban farms in Columbus
  • Taught two Urban Ag Public Policy Workshop for City of Columbus Officials, 31 participants
  • Taught at and staffed Ask A Master Gardener Booth at Fall Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden Show, more than 340 direct contacts
  • Taught at School Garden Conference. 120 participants
  • Graduated 52 MGV Interns at 2016 MGV Graduation and Awards Program, 166 in attendance, Franklin County now has 202 MGV’s.
  • Taught at Green Columbus’ Sustainability Workshop, 300 participants
  • Conducted three Columbus Urban Farmer Network meetings, 79 participants
  • Taught five sessions of Project Green Teacher Workshop series, 113 participants
  • Taught at Chadwick Arboretum’s Day of Education, 98 participants
  • Presented poster at Western Region NACAA Conference, Kona, Hawaii.
  • Taught at City Of Columbus Land Bank community garden workshop.
  • Taught workshop and staffed OSUE display at OEFFA Conference in Dayton, 47 participants in workshop
  • Taught at Community Garden Leadership Initiative workshop, 65 participants
  • Taught at Scotts Community Garden Leadership Academy, 37 participants
  • Taught three workshops at Spring Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden Show, 51 participants
  • Staffed Ask A Master Gardener Booth at Spring Columbus Dispatch Home and Garden Show for 8 days, 1,605 direct contacts
  • Guest on Columbus Ch. 10 TV News show to discuss weather and to promote MGV presentations at Home and Garden Show
  • Conducted Organic Certification Workshop for small urban growers, 18 participants
  • Guest lectured for HCS 2306/5306, 39 students
  • Guest lectured for PUBHEHS 8899, 8 students

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Licking County

  • Hosted Beef School.
  • Served as host site for Agronomy Webinar Series
  • Held a livestock Veterinary Feed Directive Meeting
    Talked to close to 100 bee keepers from 4 counties about how the VFD could affect them.
  • Taught in 5 PAT trainings (2 in Licking).

Marion County

  • Marion City School’s raised garden bed program development for 2017
  • Summarize Data from 2016 Corn Emergence Trial
  • Developed Presentation for 2016 Buckeye Shepard Symposium on Labor Saving Ideas visited farms in Indiana and Ohio
  • Developed Presentation on Pasture Renovation for Ohio Tunis Sheep Fall Field Day held in Greene County
  • Advised City of Columbus on development of new multi-year agriculture farmland lease
  • Participated in Ag Yield simulation to help with Grain Marketing education
  • Developed program for Marion County Lambing Clinic which highlighted ewe & lamb nutrition, artificial rearing, flock health, and new lambing problem simulator
  • Developed Excel Workshop for farm community member work program with Marion Technical College
  • FACT Training (3) and PAT Training (3)
  • Continued the development of the Ohio Youth Breeding Sheep Lead Council shows in 2017
  • Ag Breakfast Series topics: Bee Biology, What is Wrong With MY Trees, & Ag Climate/Weather with Aaron Wilson
  • Marion & Delaware County Economic Development Agriculture Awareness
  • Participate with Marion County Junior & Senior Fairboards
  • Expanding SMS Pro Training to work with area farmers to use their Big Data
  • Helping State Senator, David Burke and new Marion County Commissioner, Kerr Murry understanding developing agriculture Issues
  • Presented Agriculture Update to Marion Rotary
  • Participated with Eric Romich with the development of a Connect & Collaborate Grant titled: Assessment of Potential Energy Demand Management Strategies in Agriculture
  • Research Topic: Measuring Soil Nitrogen Mineralization under Field Conditions
  • Research Topic: Fence Row’s Hidden Secrets

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Morrow County

In Morrow County we have had a lot of good activities going on for the people in our community over the last several months.  In October we held an informational meeting with the FSA and NRCS offices for the people in the community to learn about those agencies and the programs they offer.

In November we held a  Master Gardener informational kick-off meeting to recruit folks in the community to sign up for our very first Master Gardener Volunteer Class. We also held a Veterinary Feed Directive meeting for livestock producers and 4-H members in the community.  A veterinarian from OSU and a local feed representative conducted the meeting to teach folks about the new VFD rule.  The last class we offered in November was about dead Ash trees in the right-of-way and who is liable if they fall and harm someone.  We invited ODOT and the County Highway department to talk about how they are handling the very serious problem in the county.  A local lawyer also came and spoke about the land-owners responsibilities in handling the dead Ash trees as well.

In January we started our very first MGV class with 7 folks attending.  We also started our Pesticide Applicator Re-certifications as well as Fertilizer certifications.  We are also hosting with Knox county a Small Farm College which is on Monday evening, in Fredericktown.  Beef and Crop and Soils webinars also started in January and we are hosting both of those.

In February we continue to train our MGV’s, host Beef, Crop and Soil webinars and have another Fertilizer Recertification as well as Pesticide Re-certification.  On February 8th we hosted a Cover Crops class taught by Jim Hoorman and Alan Sundermeier.  Our Small Farm College also continues through February.

Fairfield County

  • Held a Veterinary Feed Directive Meeting on Dec. 7th. (55 participants)
  • Held two pesticide recertification classes on Jan. 19th & 25th. (50 participants)
  • Fairfield Co. Agronomy Day was held on February 1st. Sessions were taught by Barry Ward, Ed Lentz, Stan Smith and Jerry Iles. Participants completed fertilizer certification as part of the agronomy day. (108 participants)
  • Hosted Beef School on Jan. 17th, Feb. 7th and Feb. 28th. On Feb. 7th Fairfield Co. served as the speaker (Dr. Francis Fluharty) host site.
  • Stan continues to publish four Ohio Beef Cattle Letters each month and has surpassed 1000 issues!
  • Jerry served as guest lecturer for Hocking College Forest Hydrology class.(28 students)
  • Provided an end of the year highlight report to county leaders and commissioners at our Fairfield County roundtable.
  • Provided update to the Local Foods Council on 2017 summer local farm tours.
  • Participated in the OSU Legislative Lunch.
  • Connie organized two Lunch and Learn programs for Master Gardener Volunteers- Jan. 2017 – Staying “Garden Fit” in the New Year– The Lunch and Learn Series is free and open to all interested gardeners and friends! (Attendance: 30 )
  • Lawn Care Basics, including Weed Control – Lunch & Learn  – Feb. 2017 (Attendance:  38)

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Ohio Valley EERA

The Ohio Valley EERA ANR Programming remains strong, even with 4 full time ANR Educators and 2 half time ANR Educators to cover a 10 county area. ANR Educators and Specialists meet at least quarterly, with most meetings held at the OARDC Jackson Agricultural Research Station or at the Piketon Research and Extension Center. Jeff McCutcheon meets with our group when he is available and provides administrative updates to the group.

Below are some of our recent programming and educational highlights:

Private Pesticide Applicators Recertification is off to a good start and many of our Educators have already completed this with a few coming up.  Brad Bergefurd and Jeff Fisher included one training specifically for growers in an Anabaptist Community.

Fertilizer Applicators Certification Training has also been offered along with Pesticide Recertification. Multiple counties have also offered the 3 hour certification for producers who do not have a pesticide license.   Nutrient Management Plan Training was offered.

Grain Marketing School is a 5 parts series is underway in Ross and Gallia Counties. Producers are learning how to better market their grains they produce. They are learning in the class but are also working with the AG Yield Simulator to see how there marketing decisions will pay out. Chris Bryunis is teaching this program.

OSU Beef Schools are being offered in several counties. This webinar series gives beef producers an opportunity to hear and interact with speakers that would be difficult to have come in person to each county.

Veterinary Feed Directive informational meetings have been held in multiple counties to help producers understand the new law.

Radio/television Educators from several counties have regular media spots where they talk about new issues and events. These Programs range from weekly radio talks to monthly television segments.

In Addition to these programs Educators have had the opportunity to speak at several functions.

Jeff Fisher participated in the Ag Awareness and Career day for the Pike CTC Vo-Ag classes as well as a Local Foods and Nutritional Science Field Day planning. He also had the opportunity to present at the Ohio Fair Managers Conference.

Chris Bruynis has offered a Farm Equipment Road laws program to the Ross County Farmer’s Club, Whole Food Cattle Production System to the Ross County Cattlemen’s Group.  He has also taught Estate Planning, Tax Outlook, and Farm Finance to groups from several locations around the state. Chris has submitted and has accepted to present at the Public Issues Leadership Conference in Crystal City VA.  He recently participated and presented in the JCEP Leadership Conference in Orlando Fl.

Ohio Valley EERA Educators are constantly dealing with CAUV concerns, livestock nutrition, Farm Management, crops, and several local boards and organizations.

Dave Dugan will be offering 5 Tobacco GAP Trainings in the next 3 weeks. The Tobacco GAP Certification is required for anyone marketing tobacco. He is also preparing for Farm and Family Night. Orion Samuelson will be part of Ag is everyone’s Business in Hillsboro.

Jess Bowen is developing a program for this spring on ticks. The program will include identification, prevention, and diseases. Jess will also be helping with the Day in the Woods programs.

Dave Apsley is offering the Day in the Woods programs. This program will be the second Friday of each month. For more information and schedule of programs and dates visit his link at: http://u.osu.edu/seohiowoods.

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Interesting news stories

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Researchers discover a new link to fight billion-dollar threat to soybean production
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Addressing the gap between research and practice in sustainable agriculture

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Vol. 4, Issue 3, Feb. 15, 2017

Personnel Updates

  • Henry County ANR state screenings were on February 1 with county screenings scheduled for February 20.
  • Williams Co. is going to hire an additional ANR Educator to work with Flo Chirra.  That position will be posted soon.
  • Barb Brahm, Interim RD for the SE Region has announced her retirement effective May 31 of 2017.  The search process for this position is just beginning with Tom Archer as the search committee chair.
  • The search for a new Dean/Vice President of Agricultural Operations is continuing.  Two candidates have been brought to campus to date.

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Vol. 4, Issue 2, Jan. 31, 2017

Personnel Updates

  • Jeff McCutcheon has been named the SE Region Director. Jeff has been serving in this role as the interim since July 1 of 2015. Congratulations Jeff!
  • Aaron Wilson with the Byrd Polar Climate Research Center is now ½ time in the ANR office Effective January 2.
  • Christine Smedley is the new program assistant for ANR/IPM in Wayne Co. effective January 12.
  • Haley Drake is the new ANR program coordinator in Mahoning Co. effective January 12.
  • Robin Christsen is the new ANR Educator in Portage Co. effective December 12.
  • Tom DeHaas is the new ANR Educator in Lake Co. Effective December 12.
  • Dean Kreager is the new ANR Educator in Licking Co. effective November 14.
  • Beth Scheckelhoff has accepted the Putnam Co. ANR position. Her starting date is yet TBD.
  • Sayeed Mehmoud, has accepted the forest management extension specialist position in SENR. Sayeed is coming to us from the University of Arkansas at Monticello. His start date is TBD.
  • Henry Co. ANR state screenings will be on February 1 with county screenings TBD
  • Williams Co. is going to hire an additional ANR Educator to work with Flo Chirra. That position will be posted soon.
  • Barb Brahm, Interim RD for the SE Region has announced her retirement effective May 31, 2017. The search process for this position is beginning with Tom Archer as the search committee chair.
  • The search for a new Dean/Vice President of Agricultural Operations is continuing. Two candidates have been brought to campus to date.

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Vol. 3, Issue 19, Oct. 15, 2016

Personnel Updates

  • Lauren Vargo started on October 3 as a program coordinator for CD/ANR in Cuyahoga County.  Welcome to ANR Lauren!
  • Judy Wheeland started on September 19 as a program assistant with the USFS Forestry Sciences lab in Delaware.  Welcome to ANR Judy!
  • Chris Hogan started as a research associate in Ag. and Resource Law on September 19.  Chris is located in Wood County.  Welcome to ANR Chris!
  • Courtney Woelfl started on September 9 as a program coordinator for ANR in Cuyahoga County.  Welcome to ANR Courtney!
  • Eric Roberts started on September 6 as an ANR program assistant in Clark County.  Welcome to ANR Eric!
  • Jessica Bowen started on September 1 as the County ANR Educator in Vinton County.  Welcome to ANR Jessica!
  • Elizabeth Hawkins started September 1 as the Agronomic Crops Field Specialist.  She is located in the Clinton Co. Office. Welcome to ANR Elizabeth!
  • Henry County ANR will soon be re-posted with state and county screenings TBD.
  • Portage County ANR is posted with state and county screenings TBD
  • Lake County ANR has been re-posted with state screenings tentatively scheduled for November
  • The SE RD interviews were held on October 3 and 4.
  • The School of Environment and Natural Resources has advertised a position for an extension forest economics, management, and policy specialist position.  The review of applicants will start in late October.  Stay tuned for more details!

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Ohio Academy of Sciences

Ohio State recently joined The Ohio Academy of Science as an institutional member. Ohio State faculty, staff and students are now able to join the academy at no cost. To join, go to the Ohio Academy of Science website (www.ohiosci.org/members) and look for institutional memberships.   Complete the form and submit. At checkout use the coupon code OHIOSTATE to cover the cost of a professional membership. Be sure to use your official Ohio State email address in the application.

Making sure you’re covered by University liability insurance when applying pesticides on the job

If an employee is applying pesticides as part of their job duties, that employee should complete the OSU Employee Health Registry and indicate they are exposed to pesticides.  This will kick off the annual employee physical process. If the employee is licensed and trained, then the employee would be covered as a university employee wherever he/she is performing official job duties.  If an accident happened where the employee was injured, it would be a worker’s compensation issue which is managed by HR.

The link for the Employee Health Registry is:  https://rf.osu.edu/secure/ochre/

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or Amy Burns in College HR.

Verbiage to ensure a landowner hosting an OSU program is insured

Please see below for verbiage that can be put on OSU letterhead that insures a landowner for hosting an OSU program.  Note that the letter should be signed before the program date.  This can be used for any landowner.  Municipalities should have their own insurance, what you see below is more geared for private homeowners and landowners.

Dear [Landowner],

Thank you for permitting participants in the Ohio State University Extension [Name] program to access your property for purposes of conducting a nature walk on [date(s)].  Should you know of any condition on your property that may be hazardous or that you wish the [Name] program to avoid, please let me know prior to [date of program].  In consideration for granting such access, you are hereby named as an additional insured on the Ohio State University’s program of insurance for purposes of this activity.  You may access evidence of our insurance information by going to http://u.osu.edu/treasurer/files/2014/09/The-Ohio-State-University_GL-Cert-14.15-B-1kj3iu8.pdf.

We appreciate your support of the Ohio State University Extension program.



Central State University Contact

Central State officially became Ohio’s second Land Grant University on October 1, 2015.  As a reminder, any extension employee contacted by representatives of Central State University needs to refer them to Ken Martin.  These contacts can include requests for information, requests to serve on advisory committees/councils, requests to plan and conduct programs, etc.  This is being done to ensure that we have clear consistent communication and interaction with CSU.

Journal Information

Journal Information

Publishing in peer reviewed outlets benefits all of us, and is a requirement for those in faculty positions.  It not only provides peer review validation for the quality of your work, but increases the body of knowledge in your subject area, and helps to build your national and international reputation.  That reputation is important for promotion to associate and full professor.  Below is information on some journals which may be appropriate outlets for ANR activities and projects.  If you know of other journals, let me know so I can add them to the list.

Journal of Food Distribution Research
The Journal of Food Distribution Research has an applied, problem-oriented focus. The Journal’s emphasis is on the flow of products and services through the food wholesale and retail distribution system. Related areas of interest include patterns of consumption, impacts of technology on processing and manufacturing, packaging and transport, data and information systems in the food and agricultural industry, market development, and international trade in food products and agricultural commodities. Business and agricultural and applied economic applications are encouraged.

Acceptable methodologies include survey, review, and critique; analysis and syntheses of previous research; econometric or other statistical analysis; and case studies. Teaching cases will be considered. Issues on special topics may be published based on requests or on the editor’s initiative. Potential usefulness to a broad range of agricultural and business economists is an important criterion for publication.

The Journal of Food Distribution Research is refereed and published three times each year by the Society. The March issue is dedicated to the proceedings from the previous annual FDRS conference, and the July and November issues contain refereed articles.

For more information, to the journal website: https://www.fdrsinc.org/journal-submissions/

The Ohio Journal of Science
Ohio State is an institutional member of The Ohio Academy of Science.  As a result, Ohio State faculty, staff and students are now able to join the academy at no cost. To join, go to the appropriate application website: professional application or college student application. Complete the form and submit. Use the coupon code OHIOSTATE at check out to cover the cost of a professional membership. Be sure to use your official Ohio State email address in the application.

The Ohio Journal of Science (OJS) is published by the academy and welcomes manuscripts from high school students, undergraduate, and graduate students as well as Academic professionals working within Ohio.  The Ohio Journal of Science prints two issues a year (April and December), and all articles are published online as soon as they are peer-reviewed, revised, and accepted for publication.  There are no page charges for members of the Ohio Academy of Science.

For more information, contact the journal editors at ojs@ohiosci.org

Journal of the NACAA

The Journal of the NACAA is published online twice a year and accepts articles on research, case studies, outstanding programs, and bright ideas.

Submission deadlines for publication in the December issue is September 15,

Submission deadline for publication in the June issue is March 15

Guidelines for authors can be found at: http://www.nacaa.com/journal/instructions.php.

Journal of Extension

JOE is a rigorous, peer-reviewed journal that brings the scholarship of university outreach and engagement to educators and practitioners around the world. Feature, Research in Brief, and Ideas at Work submissions undergo double-blind review, and Commentary and Tools of the Trade submissions are reviewed by the editor.  The journal is published on-line 6 times a year.

Guidelines for authors can be found at: http://www.joe.org/for-authors-submission-guidelines.php

The Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement (JHEOE)   Established in 1996 and published quarterly, the mission of JHEOE is to serve as the premier peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal to advance theory and practice related to all forms of outreach and engagement between higher education institutions and communities.

Guidelines for authors can be found at: http://openjournals.libs.uga.edu/index.php/jheoe

Education Research International

Education Research International  is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of education.

Before submission, please review the journal’s Author Guidelines, which are located at http://www.hindawi.com/journals/edri/guidelines/. Education Research International currently has an acceptance rate of 9%. The average time between submission and final decision is 35 days and the average time between acceptance and final publication is 29 days.

Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

The Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development is an online international, peer-reviewed publication focused on the practice and applied research interests of agriculture and food systems development professionals and scholars.  Submission information can be found at: http://www.agdevjournal.com/

Scientific Journals International

  • Scientific Journals International (SJI) publishes peer-reviewed open-access journals for all major disciplines.   Those most relevant to ANR fields include:
  • Journal of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences
  • Journal of Ecology, Ecosystems and Ecophysiology
  • Journal of Forestry, Horticulture, and Soil Science
  • Journal of Fisheries, Poultry and Wildlife Sciences
  • Journal of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science
  • Journal of Environmental Science, Policy and Planning
  • Journal of Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing
  • Journal of Business & Public Affairs
  • Journal of Petroleum and Geosystems Science and Engineering
  • Journal of Leadership, Management & Organizational Studies
  • Journal of Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Journal of Tourism, Travel and Hospitality

Information on these, and all other SJI journals can be found at: http://www.scientificjournals.org/submission.htm

Citizen Science: Theory and Practice

Citizen Science: Theory and Practice is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal published by Ubiquity Press on behalf of the Citizen Science Association. It focuses on advancing the field of citizen science by providing a venue for citizen science researchers and practitioners – scientists, information technologists, conservation biologists, community health organizers, educators, evaluators, urban planners, and more – to share best practices in conceiving, developing, implementing, evaluating, and sustaining projects that facilitate public participation in scientific endeavors in any discipline.

For more information, go to:  http://theoryandpractice.citizenscienceassociation.org/

NACTA Journal

NACTA Journal is published quarterly by the North American College and Teachers of Agriculture.  It is directed toward the scholarship of teaching and learning in agricultural, environmental, natural, and life sciences by presenting articles covering topics that treat all aspects of teaching such as methods, problems, philosophy and rewards at the college level.

For more information, go to: http://www.nactateachers.org/journal.html

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