Vol. 4, Issue 6, April 1, 2017

Message from the Assistant Director

There still seems to be some confusion regarding the changes in Pest Ed. funds handling and what that may mean for the counties.  The recent issues I’ve been presented with, along with my responses, can be found below:

  1. Will these changes ultimately result in there be a standard fee that all counties must charge for PAT?

I have no intention of establishing a common fee for all counties to charge.  You each do what works for you and your counties, and there are no plans to change that.

2. What’s happening with the dreaded 5.7% charge and $5 per person overhead fee?

The dreaded 5.7% will be returned to the county funds managed by the finance office on campus.  The $5 per person overhead fee to support the state PSEP program will not be collected either.  The counties will not be losing any funds through these changes.  The only change is that the funds will be managed on campus, rather than in the county checking accounts.  As a reminder, PAT generated funds can be used for any ANR related activity in the county.

3. What happens if one county offers the weed control guidelines or some other similar enticement to bring in people from other counties?

I don’t see how the changes in pest-ed fund handling will influence this.  If a county wants to offer the weed control guide or something else as an incentive to attend the meeting, more power to them.  The county in which the program is conducted will keep the funds generated by the program.  However, if the program was a planned multi-county event, all you have to do is let Ashley Levesque know how the funds are to be divided between those involved counties.

Also keep in mind that this is still an evolving process.  There will be some additional meetings this summer to discuss concerns and issues for the 2017-2018 PAT season.  Stay tuned for more details.

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Personnel Updates

    • SENR has officially hired a new Extension forestry specialist.  Dr. Sayeed Mehmood, currently at the University of Arkansas at Monticello, will join OSU on August 15.  Sayeed’s area of expertise is in forest economics and management (I had erroneously reported this in a previous Overstory).
    • Franklin County is hiring an additional ANR educator to work with Mike Hogan.  State screenings were held on March 10, and county screenings were on March 23.
    • Henry County ANR screenings were conducted on February 20.
    • Williams County is going to hire an additional ANR Educator to work with Flo Chirra.  That position will be posted soon.  State and county screenings are TBD.
    • Morrow County ANR state and county screenings are TBD.

  • Barb Brahm, Interim RD for the SE Region has announced her retirement effective May 31 of 2017.  The search process for this position is underway with Tom Archer as the search committee chair.

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The following awards were recognized at a recent university wide event sponsored by the President’s office:

    • Pierce Paul received the Syngenta Award from the American Phytopathological Society
    • Peggy Hall received the Excellence in Agriculture Law Award for Academia from the American Agricultural Law Association
    • Anne Dorrance has been elected a Fellow in the American Phytopathological Society.

Congratulations Pierce, Peggy, and Anne!

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Get Ready to Zoom!

The CFAES ITS team is deploying Zoom college-wide. Zoom provides a convenient means to schedule, host, manage, and record on-line meetings and webinars – all from your computer desktop. Centrally-supported Zoom will be available for all CFAES faculty and staff for the Zoom Pro service.

Zoom is a cloud-based platform for video and audio conferencing, mobile collaboration, and simple online meetings. Zoom’s web-based conferencing uses high-quality video and audio and is accessible on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android mobile devices. Additionally, Zoom can be used with conventional phone lines for audio conferencing. This online platform can also connect to existing Polycom video conferencing systems throughout the college. Zoom also allows for local or cloud recording of meetings and webinars simply by using your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices in conjunction with a web camera and microphone.

Please hold the following dates and times as CFAES ITS will be providing a number of webinar training opportunities for you to come up to speed and become an expert in using Zoom for your online meetings, seminars, and classroom activities.

CFAES Zoom Training Opportunities

  • Zoom Basic: April 5th 1:30PM or 7th 1:30PM
  • Zoom Advanced: April 19th 1:30PM or 21th 1:30PM

For these sessions you will not need a web cam or microphone as they will be webinars for you to view on your PC, but you will be able to use the “chat” feature to ask questions. Note, CFAES ITS will be providing a list of hardware standards for those needing to purchase web cam and microphone equipment.

If you are unable to attend these sessions, they will be recorded for future viewing. Once you have completed the training, you can login to the CFAES Zoom portal with you OSU login credentials, review your account, and start using Zoom. For those who have not used Zoom, it is as simple as clicking on an invitation link and using your current computer resources.

In the coming weeks, the CFAES ITS Zoom Team will be offering a host of online and in-person sessions around the state. For CFAES Zoom related issues or questions, the CFAES Service Desk will be your resource:

  • Wooster: 330-263-3772
  • Columbus: 614-292-9110
  • Toll-free: 844-614-4848 for the County Offices and Outlying Research Stations.

Online: For those who prefer to enter a Service Desk ticket, go to https://ithelpdesk.cfaes.ohio-state.edu/helpdesk/ to enter your Zoom support needs. You can easily log into the CFAES Service Desk portal with your OSU login credentials to enter your information.

Save the dates above, as you will soon be receiving an invitation from the CFAES ITS Zoom Team about the training webinars.

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Agriculture Across Ohio

The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) produces a monthly newsletter looking at different facets of Agriculture in Ohio.  The March 2017 issue can be found here.

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New Factsheets

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 Vegetable In-Service Dates and Details (from Jim Jasinski)

There are two vegetable in-service training scheduled for this coming summer.  We expect to have Doug Doohan, Sally Miller, and Celeste Welty available for these training sessions, which means these are opportunities you should not miss!

June 20th, 9 am – 2 pm – Waterman Farm, 2501 Carmack Road, Columbus.

  • Meet at the Waterman Laboratory conference room for 1-2 hours of instruction
  • Tour the crops and pests (weeds, diseases, and insects) around the farm, including those for sweet corn, tomato, and pickles/pumpkin as indicated by your preferences.
  • There will be other vegetables to look at too, so we’ll work with whatever crops and pests are out there.
  • We can have lunch delivered at cost, ca. $10 or so which we will take care of later on.

August 1st , 9 am – 2 pm – North Central Ag Research Station, 1165 Gonawein, Fremont, (corner of CR 43 and SR 53).

    • If there is anything to cover in the classroom, we will use the facilities at the station, otherwise we will be out in the field looking at various plots of sweet corn, tomato, cucurbits, and other crops of interest.  Again, insects, weeds, and diseases will be covered.
    • We will work something out for lunch, no one will go hungry or thirsty, I promise!

We’ll send out a reminder about a week before these two in-services to get a head count of how many to expect.  We look forward to seeing all of you at both of these events, this will be an outstanding training opportunity.  If you have any questions, email Jim Jasinski.

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EERA Updates

Miami Valley

Butler County


  • PAT/FACT Training – 37 Participants
  • Home Horticulture Series – 200+ participants joined us for the 2017 series consisting of 4 classes. Topics were: Ground Covers, Seed Propagation, Backyard Bramble Production, and Backyard Poultry.
  • Tree Pruning and Planting Program – 22 participants took part in a two hour workshop that was held in conjunction with the City of Hamilton and City Forester, Dave Bienemann.
  • Thirty-five (35) participants attended the Ladies Small Engine class. All (100%) participants reported that they had learned something new and that they felt more confident in small engine care. One participant said that she was more confident in her knowledge of small engine maintenance and now had the resources to make sure that her small engines were running properly.

Upcoming Programs:

    • Pastures for Profit Program – April 18, 20, and 22. This series is a class designed to teach the principles of Management Intensive Grazing. Management Intensive Grazing is a systems approach that helps you better utilize grazed forages. If you raise livestock, and utilize pasture to feed them during the year, then management intensive grazing can help you become more profitable! Teachers include: Cindy Meyer, OSUE, Butler Co., Greg Meyer, OSUE, Warren Co., Dean Houchen, USDA NRCS, Chris Penrose, OSUE, Morgan Co., and Butler SWCD
    • Butler County Farm Day – OSU Extension, Butler County, Butler Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service is partnering with Pedro’s Angus Farm to offer the Butler County Farm Day. Butler County, considered a bedroom community for Cincinnati with many urban areas, is rich with agricultural history and continues to have an agricultural focus in many of our rural areas. The goal of this event is to educate the public about Ohio’s number 1 industry – Agriculture. This day will give our citizens a glimpse into what farm life is like on a Registered Black Angus cattle operation. We also hope our 800 + participants will walk away with a greater understanding of farm life, the passion producers have for their livestock and agricultural operations, and how our producers work to find ways to conserve our natural resources through conservation practices. Farm Day 2017 will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at Pedro’s Angus Farm, 2151 Harris Road, Hamilton, OH 45013. The event will be held from 10AM – 2PM. Come and visit the farm and enjoy hands-on activities for youth, a hay wagon ride, local commodity group displays, a farm tour, learn about conservation practices, and much more! This event is free.
    • Ladies Tractor Safety Program – Going to be held early July 2017 to be held at Zimmer Tractor in conjunction with the OSU Extension Agricultural Safety & Health Program.
    • Master Gardener Class – Starts in September!

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Clermont County

January 12-March 2  – Facilitated and hosted the New and Small Farm College (1 of 3 sites) with 40 students participating in an 8 week series


Attended and participated in the Clermont Chamber of Commerce Women’s Initiative Network professional development meeting

  • Planning meeting for the Tri-State Green Industry Conference
  • Taught at the LOOK to Clermont “Roadmap to your future” (25 students participated)
  • Facilitated the Brown County location for Beef School (2 people attended)
  • Taught at the Clinton County PAT & FACT Training (~ 60 participated)
  • Hosted the Ohio Women in Ag Learning Network monthly conference call on Zoom
  • Participated in the Ohio JCEP Professional Development Zoom conference call
  • Facilitated MGV monthly meeting
  • Taught at Goshen Middle School “Careers Day” (~60 students participated)
  • Attended and participated in the LOOK to Clermont planning meeting


  • Organized and helped facilitated the Tri-State Green Industry Conference. Proctored the Pesticide Recertification Room
  • Taught at the Southwest Ohio Fruit and Vegetable School “Cover Crops and Soil: A soil health cocktail” focused on using cover crops in vegetable production. (33 students participated)
  • Facilitated and taught at the Clermont County PAT and FACT training session hosted by Singleton Farms in partnership with Pioneer Seed. (75 participated)
  • Participated in the Clermont Chamber of Commerce Women’s Initiative Network monthly professional development meeting
  • Facilitated the Ohio Women in Ag monthly conference call
  • Facilitated the Brown County Beef School site
  • Facilitated the MGV monthly meeting


  • Taught at Farm and Family Night in Maysville, KY in collaboration with Maysville Community and Technical College and University of Kentucky Extension. Taught 2 session “Edible Landscaping” and “Cover Crops & Soil: A soil health cocktail”
  • Facilitated the Clermont QA and Equine Safety and Ethics team to plan for 2017 sessions. Prepared the lesson.
  • Attended and participated in the Clermont Chamber of Commerce Women’s Initiative Network professional development monthly meeting
  • Met with Greater Cincinnati Local Foods Policy, Michaela Oldfield
  • Taught at Quality Assurance at Felicity Franklin High School (78 youth participated with their parent)
  • Assisted at the Green Industry Professional Development workshop on Asian Longhorned Beetle Update
  • Taught at the Adams, Brown, Clermont and Highland County’s Farm Bureau Worker’s Compensation training “FARM: focus on agriculture risk management” (45 participated)
  • Taught Quality Assurance at US Grant Career Center (100 people participated)
  • Met with FSA Weather Emergency Team to discuss March 1 tornado damage in Clermont County for reporting purposes
  • Facilitated at the Southwest Ohio Beekeepers School (~400 people participated)
  • Participating in the Annie’s Project Train the Trainer Workshop
  • Facilitated the MGV monthly meeting


    • 4th -Teaching Quality Assurance at Clermont Northeastern High School
    • 13th – Organizing and facilitated the Southwest Ohio Perennial School
    • 22nd and 23rd – Grain Bin Rescue Training program

  • MGV teaching at 6 Clermont County Public Libraries – “Edible Landscaping” and “Preparing and Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables”

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Clinton County

    • As Program Coordinator, March saw the conclusion of this winter’s Small Farm Programs.  Three colleges were held in Owensville, Lima and Fredericktown with over 100 participants.  The SW Small Farm Was Conference was canceled, but we had a very successful NE Ohio Small Farm Conference in Massillon, Ohio.
    • Besides hosting the Clinton County PAT/FACT mtg., Clinton County was host site for a Regional FACT program help at the Wilmington College Campus. Over 100 producers attended from multiple counties.
    • As co advisor for the SW Ohio Corn Growers assn., multiple activities took place, highlighted by counting Corn Seed to prepare this year’s Corn Variety trials which will be held on 4 SW Ohio locations. Preparations are in place to do the same with Soybeans on three SW Ohio locations. Anyone wanting to help count soybeans let me know.
    • Helped Co-Teach PAT/FACT training in Clermont, Greene, and Warren Counties
    • Currently Elizabeth Hawkins and I are working with area producers to develop precision and nutrient On-Farm Trials.
    • I continue writing articles for the AcreageLife Magazine, a small farm/hobby farm national published magazine. Some articles for this year include promotion of our small farm conferences, an article on Acquiring Equipment, Starting Seeds before spring, and Growing Mushrooms.

  • Finally, I have been asked on behalf of Ohio State to Host the USDA NIFA National Small Farm Conference in the year 2020. Plans currently are to identify a conference center to hold this large national event.

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Fayette County

Education/Teaching programs for clients

  • Taught the pesticide and fertilizer training programs in Fayette, Butler and Montgomery counties. Co-taught with Elizabeth Hawkins, Brian Kleinke, Greg Meyer, Suzanna Mills-Wasniak and Cindy Meyer.  Co-taught a total of 165 pesticide participants and 162 fertilizer participants.
  • Helped with the Annual Commercial Pesticide Applicators Training at the Dayton Convention Center. Worked with the state pesticide training personnel, Elizabeth Hawkins, Mimi Rose, Greg and Cindy Meyer, and Debbie Brown.  Worked in registration and the question and answer table.
  • Attended the Annual Extension Legislative luncheon at the State Capital Building. Met with Senator Bob Peterson and Representative Gary Scherer.  Also attending in our delegation was Riley Evans, Former Fayette County 4-H member and Jim Garland, Extension Advisory Committee Member.  It was a very worthwhile event.
  • Helped Mary Griffith, Amanda Douridas, Kaylee Portman, John Fulton, and Elizabeth Hawkins with the Planter University for two days at the Beck’s Hybrids location in London. 80 attended the first day and 90 attended the second day of the event.

County Involvement and Activities:

  • Attended the annual Groundhog Day Breakfast and represented Fayette County Extension at this county wide event.
  • Hosted the Annual Agricultural Hall of Fame Banquet with 125 people attending the event with James Garland and John R. Cook were inducted.
  • Hosted a County program with Ag. Yield. A marketing program that works with farm revenue to market grain.  4 farmers attended the session.
  • Attended and participated in a Fair Board and Extension discussion session on hiring of a Junior Fair Coordinator for the Fayette County Fair. Discussion included which party was going to which activities relating to exhibitors at the county fair.  6 people from the Fair Board and 6 people from Fayette County Extension were present for the meeting.
  • Hosted the annual Feed Bag meeting for the Fayette Agronomy Club at the Crown Room. A presentation by Mike Thompson was presented on Cropzilla, a computerized farm management system.  22 guests were present for the event.
  • Met with Bev Mullens about the Spectrum Magazine that is published each year about Fayette County. An article was published about the Quality of Soil Found in Fayette County.
  • Organized and hosted the Annual Meeting for the Southwest Ohio Corn Growers. The speaker for the day long grain marketing workshop was Jon Scheve, from Superior Feed Ingredients, Waconia, Minnesota.  34 participants were involved in the workshop which was held at the Southern State Community College in Washington Court House.
  • Taught Quality Assurance to 111 youth in Clark County at Homestead Feed and Supply, 296 youth in Fayette County and 22 youth in Champaign County. These programs allowed the youth to meet the state requirements to exhibit livestock in Ohio as well as PQA plus certified students planning to exhibit in national swine shows.
  • Attended the Fayette County Farm Bureau Policy Development meeting with 22 other Fayette County officials.

Continuing/Future Projects and Activities:

    • Spring planting is right around the corner. Plans are in full motion for the Fayette County Farm.
    • Working with Elizabeth Hawkins, State Agronomy Specialist, on some new ideas for the County Farm in 2017 and coordinating our summer intern through the ACRE Program. We are excited to have Cody Clyburn of Fayette County and a student at Morehead State University in Agronomy as our summer ACRE intern.
    • The Southwest Ohio Corn Growers Annual Field Day is August 15, 2017. Speakers that have already been confirmed for the Annual Field Day are John Fulton, Pierce Paul and Erdal Ozkan.  The Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers will be offering two grass roots sessions for ideas and areas of concern relating to the 2018 Farm Bill.  Pollinator strips will also a topic, with staff from the Fayette County Farm Service Agency talking about current programs farmers can use to pay for planting and maintain pollinator strips.  A large equipment display and table top trade show of agricultural businesses will also be included as part of the event.  The county farm will also be the site of the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, “Business after Hours” event and the combined annual meeting for the Fayette Soil and Water District and Farm Bureau will be held in the evening.

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Greene County

March 13th 2017: Greene County PAT/FACT

  • Instructors: PAT- Suzanne Mills- Wasniak, Tony Nye and Brian Kleinke
  • FACT- Greg Meyer, Tony Nye and Suzanne Mills-Wasniak
  • Attendance totals: PAT: 60
  • FACT 48 (this number needs double checked)

March 24th 2017: 2017 Ohio Malting Barley Conference


  1. Ashley Mcfarland from MSU Upper Peninsula Research Station MSU Extension.
  2. Jamie Arthur and Matt Cunningham; Ohio Malting Barley Farmers
  3. Jim Corbet (Sunrise Co-Op), Nate Cornett (YS Brewery), Lou Kozma (Hirzel Farm Seed Cleaner), Andrew Marthaus (Malt Haus malting facility); Industry Perspective Panel.
  4. Hannah Scott from OSU Extension South Center; Cooperative Market
  5. Eric Stockinger, OSU Extension OARDC Horticulture and Crop Science; Winter barley development for Ohio cultivation.
  6. Pierce Paul, OSU OARDC Cereal Pathology; Malting Barley Disease Management
  7. Mark Loux, OSU Horticulture and Crop Science. Malting barley weed management
  8. 15 vendors mostly from across the state of Ohio, with two vendors from Indiana.
  9. Post conference malting barley field tours and networking opportunity and tour of Yellow Springs Brewery.
  • March 30th 2017: Greene County Local Food Council meeting facilitated by OSU Community Development state specialist, Brian Raison.
  • Program construction and leadership: Brian Kleinke (ANR), Kim Hupman (HORT), Erin Fawley (SNAP-Ed)
  • The meeting is designed to introduce stake holders in Greene Co. food system (e.g. gov’t officials, restaurateurs, distribution centers, grocery, producers, etc.) to the concept of a local food council and how to address food policy. Attendance: Max attendance was 110, with 90 folks staying the entire conference.


    • Greeneline OSU MGV helpline is open and talking calls/walk-ins at the OSUE Greene County Extension office every Monday from 10am-noon.
    • 4 Greene County MGV are participating in the Share and Collaborate grant program; Community Gardener Leadership Training. CGLI was constructed by Jacqueline Kowalski of Summit County, Pam Bennett (Clark Co.) and Mike Hogan (Franklin Co.) with the intended purpose to educate MGV’s on the necessary leadership skills needed to mentor community gardeners. The goal is to aid in creating self-sufficient long term community gardens that become viable food production areas for urban centers.

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Hamilton County

The Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) Training Program for Green Industry Professionals: A Success!

  • Over 60 participants took part in this training program in Bethel, OH, on Friday, March 17, 2017.  The educational program combined classroom-style teaching with hands on field training to arm Green Industry professionals with the ability to effectively detect and properly report ALB infestations.
  • The classroom portion of the program was held at the East Fork State Park Office and the hands-on field training was held in a woodlot behind the Ohio ALB Cooperative Eradication Program.  Participants were able to view trees infested with ALB and learn first-hand from Eradication Program ground surveyors and tree climbers how to detect ALB infestations.  They also learned that detection can be challenging!

Training Partnerships:

  • The training program was a joint educational event planned and delivered by OSU Extension, Hamilton County; OSU Extension, Clermont County; the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection and Quarantine (USDA APHIS PPQ), and the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA).  The USDA APHIS PPQ and ODA are joint partners in the Ohio ALB Cooperative Eradication Program.

Why is it Important to Detect and Report ALB?

  • ALB is a non-native tree killer.  The beetles have a strong preference for maples (Acer spp.); however, they can also infest and kill trees belonging to 12 taxonomic genera.  This is why it is so important to eradicate this beetle from North America.  ALB has been eradicated in some locations, but early detection is essential to the success of eradication programs in terms of time and money.
  • The successful work being accomplished by the Ohio ALB Cooperative Eradication Program means that although our Ohio infestation remains a very serious concern, ALB is far more likely to pop-up elsewhere because of undetected infestations rather than spreading from the current known infestation.  We hope participants put their training to work by reporting any suspicious beetles and tree boring activity.
  • Four Ways to Report Suspicious Beetles and Tree Boring Activity:
    1. Call the Ohio ALB Cooperative Eradication Program: 513-381-7180
    2. Call the USDA APHIS national program: 1-866-702-9938
    3. Report online at this website: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/resources/pests-diseases/asian-longhorned-beetle/report-it
    4. Visit the Ohio ALB Cooperative Eradication Program office: 3079 Angel Drive, Bethel, OH 45106-9523

For more information on Asian Longhorned Beetle, please see our OSU Fact Sheet

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The 2017 Southwest Ohio BYGLive!

  • Diagnostic Walk-Abouts Green Industry Professional Training Series
  •  FREE of Charge to OSU Extension Professionals
  • This is the 21st year for the OSU Extension, Diagnostic Walk-Abouts in Southwest Ohio!

What Is It? 

  • Professional Training: the Walk-Abouts are for Extension and Green Industry professionals (arborists, landscapers, turf managers, nursery managers, etc.). Participants earn ISA Certified Arborist CEU’s.
  • Comprehensive: participants look at plants, plant pests, plant diseases, landscape designs, and other points of interest. Discussions focus on plant problem diagnostics, plant health management, plant selection, and sustainable landscape designs.
  • Hands-On: the training is held outdoors; topics are viewed first-hand.
  • Real-World: the Walk-Abouts reflect real-world landscape scouting; anything found on the Walk-Abouts is open for consideration!
  • Up-to-Date: updates are provided on newly emerging plant health issues (e.g. pest outbreaks, non-native invasives, changes to pesticide labeling, etc.)

Times:  12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Dates and Locations:  The six Southwest Ohio BYGLive! Diagnostic Walk-Abouts are held once a month on Mondays from April-thru-September.  Dates and locations:

  • April 10:  Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum, 4521 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati, 45232
  • May 22:  Stanley M. Rowe Arboretum, 4600 Muchmore Rd., Indian Hill, 45243
  • June 12:  Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, 3400 Vine St., Cincinnati, 45220 [use the parking lot with the photoelectric panels that’s off Vine St.]
  • July 10:  Glenwood Gardens [Great Parks of Hamilton County], 10623 Springfield Pike, Woodlawn, 45215
  • August 14:  Mt. Airy Forest & Arboretum, 5083 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, 45223
  • September 11:  Boone County Arboretum, 9190 Camp Ernst Road, Union, Kentucky 41091

Special BYGLive!
Monday, October 2:  20th Annual Bluegrass-Buckeye BYGLive! in the Lexington, KY, region: location TBA (requires a separate registration)

Registration for the 6 monthly Walk-Abouts is FREE for OSU Extension Professionals

Registration and Fee Payment for Green Industry Participants:

  • There will be a one-time registration fee of $50.00 that covers your participation in the first six monthly BYGLive! Diagnostic Walk-Abouts. You only pay a one-time fee of $50.00 whether you attend one, two, three, or all six standard Walk-Abouts.  If you attend all six, that’s $50 for 18 hours of training! Note:  A single payment can be used to cover different people attending different sessions.

 Fee Payment:  You can register online or by mail (check).

 To Register by Mail:

  • Make checks payable to OSU Extension, Hamilton County, and please note that the payment is for the Southwest Ohio BYGLive! Diagnostic Walk-About.  Please include your name, or the name(s) of the participants covered by the fee(s).
  • Mail your check to:
    The BYGLive! Diagnostic Series
    OSU Extension, Hamilton County
    4210 Dane Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45223

Email Joe Boggs if you have questions or need more information on the OSU Extension, Diagnostic Walk-Abouts.

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Montgomery County

  • Why Pollinators Are Important Presentation / Program for Centerville / Washington Township Park District conducted on February 11th.  The room held twenty and twenty attended the presentation.
  • PAT / FACT program held for 22 producers on February 28th.  PAT video re-certification for 1 producer.
  • Soil Health Workshop / Clinic planned for May 6th.
  • GAPs training planned for May 16th.
  • New “Food Policy” initiative for West Dayton is starting to gain traction.
  • New worker / owner grocery store initiative in west Dayton is in the final organizational phase.

  • Girl Scout Day at the VA March 18th – 35 girl scouts 15 leaders were present – the girls learned about planting containers – two containers were planted by the girl scouts and given to the VA hospice unit

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Warren County

Southwestern Ohio Specialty Crop Conference

  • Organized by Ohio State University Extension, Warren County.
  • Planning team members include Greg Meyer, Cindy Meyer, Gigi Neal, Brian Kleinke and Brad Bergefurd.
  • 95 growers registered for the conference from 2 states (Ohio and Kentucky) and 20 Ohio counties.
  • 20 licensed pesticide applicators received recertification credit at the conference.
  • 24 different concurrent sessions were offered during the conference.
  • 16 different instructors taught sessions at the conference.
  • $4650 of revenue generated from registration fees to run the program.

Summary of evaluation answers:

  • 100% learned something new at the conference.
  • 98% plan to use something they learned at the conference.
  • 74% learned how to control pests, diseases and weeds more effectively.
  • 44% learned how to get better pest control from their pesticide applications.
  • 73% learned practices that control pests and protect the environment.
  • 75% got more up to date on current pest related problems.

Economic Impact

Growers were asked to estimate the potential increase in profit on a per acre basis due to the information they received at the conference. Increases in profit could be because of cost savings, improved quality, increased yield or more effective pest control. Using a weighted average, growers indicated they expected a potential profit increase of $18.57 per acre. The potential increase in revenue for the growers that returned evaluations was $61,625 because of this Ohio State University Extension conference.

Southwestern Ohio Beekeeper School

  • Organized by Ohio State University Extension, Warren County
  • Planning team members include Greg Meyer, Cindy Meyer, Gigi Neal and Amanda Bennett
  • Registrations were capped at 400 people. Capacity was reached in 10 days. Beekeepers from three states attended the school.
  • 16 different concurrent sessions were offered during the school.
  • 10 different instructors taught classes at the conference.
  • 12 vendors were on hand to sell beekeeping equipment to beekeepers.
  • More than $15,000 of revenue was generated from registration and vendor fees to organize the school.

Warren County Winter Horticulture Series

  • Organized cooperatively between OSU Extension and the Warren County Master Gardeners.
  • A three-week series for the general public and master gardeners from the Southwestern corner of Ohio.
  • Over 80 people registered to attend each of the sessions.
  • The focus of the series this year was low maintenance plants and gardening tips for the landscape. Instructors taught classes on native perennials, hardy annuals and raised bed/container gardening.
  • Over $1600 of revenue was generated for the Master Gardener program.

Other highlights

  • Organized a pesticide (31 people) and fertilizer (81 people) meeting in Warren County.
  • Taught pesticide and fertilizer trainings in Greene, Montgomery & Warren Counties.
  • Taught or will teach Master Gardener/Horticulture classes in Butler, Fayette, Miami, Licking and Pickaway Counties.
  • Invited presenter by the County Engineer to the Warren County Township Trustees Annual Dinner to discuss mechanical and chemical weed control of ditches in the county.
  • Consulted with the Warren County Fairboard on the design of their new meeting facility / multi-purpose building (multiple meetings).
  • Developed the landscape revitalization plan for the Warren County Fairgrounds, including the planting of almost 50 new trees along the main road outside the fairgrounds. The tree project is currently out for bid and is expected to be completed by June 1st.
  • Organized two educational meetings for local cattle producers.

  • Hosted Hannah Scott, OSU South Centers, for a meeting with local green industry producers with an interest in starting a marketing co-op.

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Top of Ohio

Auglaize County

    • Hosted a Grain Marketing – Turning On-Farm Storage into Profit meeting with 37 participants.
    • Hosted a Noon Dairy Luncheon series during December to March with 61 participants.
    • Co-hosted with Mercer County and presented at the “Welcome to the Jungle – Weed Management 101” meeting with 136 participants.
    • Offered all three of the Ohio Beef School webinars with a total of 36 participants.
    • Co-hosted with Hardin County the New and Small Farm College having the Small Farm College team teach most of the course that had 15 participants.
    • Hosted Auglaize County Agronomy Day with 34 participants in the morning and 36 participants in the afternoon.
    • Hosted Precision Agriculture Webinar as part of Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Connection Series with 6 participants.
    • Assisted with Western Ohio Ag Outlook meeting with Darke County.
    • Hosted Ag Issues Webinar with 1 participant.
    • Co-hosted and co-taught three Fertilizer Applicator Certification meetings with Shelby County having a total of 193 participants.
    • Taught fertilizer and pesticide topics at Fertilizer Applicator Certification programs and Pesticide Applicator Training programs for Clarke, Darke, Harding, Mercer, Miami, Shelby, and Union Counties.
    • Delivered presentations at Putnam County Agronomy Day, Waterhemp – Time to Take Action meeting, Van Wert County Agronomy Day, Defiance County Commercial Applicator Meeting, and Conservation Tillage Conference.

  • Prepared weekly Weed of the Week radio program.

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Champaign County

  • Amanda Douridas has been out on maternity leave. Congratulations Amanda!

Darke County

Sam hosted the following meetings

      • Nutrient Management Series – 3 nights – 30 in attendance
      • Bed Bug Workshop – 42 in attendance
      • Pesticide Exam Prep Class – 10 in attendance
      • Grain Marketing Series – 5 mornings – 8 in attendance
      • Farm Management Series – five nights – 22 in attendance
      • Manure Management Presentation Versailles Ag Ed – 30 in attendance
      • Darke County Pesticide and Fertilizer Certification – 90 in attendance
      • Ohio Beef Cattle School – 8 in attendance
      • Pesticide Licensure Exam given 2 times – 42 in attendance
      • Darke County Manure On Farm Research Review – 17 in attendance
      • Darke County Soybean College – 50 in attendance
      • Waterhemp – Time to take action – 15 in attendance
      • Ag Outlook Meeting – 75 in attendance
      • Nationwide Insurance Crop Insurance – 2017 Budgets – 65 in attendance
      • Using Aerial Imagery to Make Agronomic Decisions – 17 in attendance
      • Commercial Core – Pioneer Seed Treatment meeting – 24 in attendance
      • Andes College – Cost of Production – 19 in attendance
      • Planning for the Future of Your Farm- 2 Days – 32 in attendance
      • Koenig Planter Clinic – 45 in attendance
      • Pesticide Exam Prep – 6 in attendance

    • 3 hour FACT Training – 97 in attendance

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Hardin County

    • Four Conservation Tillage Club breakfast programs in cooperation with Hardin, Union, and Logan County SWCD, NRCS, and Extension were held in Mt Victory.
    • Monthly Ag Council breakfast programs were held with topics of Soybean Population, Nitrogen Rate, and Nitrogen Timing on-farm research.
    • Hosted Corn Production Issues Seminar with Pierce Paul and Peter Thomison as part of the Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Connection series.
    • Beef cattle producers were given the opportunity to participate in the three statewide Ohio Beef Cattle School webinars.
    • Hardin and Auglaize Counties combined to host the eight week New and Small Farm College short course with the help of the Small Farm Team. Taught a lesson on OSU Extension local resources.
    • A six week Tractor Safety and Machinery Operation for Youth course which culminated in hands-on pre-operation and driving course skills tests was conducted.
    • Farmers from around the region attended a Farm Safety Day in cooperation with Farm Bureau and OSU Ag Safety and Health to offer Workers Compensation training with an ag safety speaker, farm accident presentation, and grain bin rescue demonstration by the local fire department.
    • Arranged for the Ohio Fire Academy to train Kenton City and local volunteer fire departments in grain bin rescue and farm accident response.
    • Helped teach pesticide and fertilizer topics at the Auglaize County Agronomy Day/PAT, Union County PAT/FACT, Darke County PAT, Evolution Ag FACT (Union County), Hardin County FACT, and Hardin County PAT/FACT.
    • Co-hosted with Union County and helped teach an all-day Cover Crops Workshop with speaker Jim Hoorman.
    • Coordinated the moderators for the two-day Conservation Tillage Conference held locally in Ada.
    • Taught winter indoor seeding starts Class to Hardin County Men’s Garden Club.
    • Began a bi-weekly two month Regional Master Gardener Volunteer Training Course at OSU Lima campus.

  • Weekly news articles were submitted to local media and bi-weekly Hardin County Agriculture and Natural Resources Update e-newsletters were sent to clientele.

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Mercer County

    • Held a “Welcome to the Jungle – Weed Management 101” program with Mark Loux and Jeff Stachler as presenters for 136 participants.
    • Conducted PAT Recertification in Mercer County for 90 participants.
    • Assisted with PAT Recertification at West Ohio Agronomy Day, Shelby County, Auglaize County and Hardin County.
    • Gave a Soil Health presentation on the local WCSM Radio – Spectrum Program.
    • Conducted 3 F.A.C.T. programs for 222 total participants.
    • Assisted with Auglaize and Hardin County F.A.C.T. programs.
    • Assisted with the Regional OSU Ag Outlook Program held in Greenville.
    • Assisted with the Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification program held in Dayton.
    • Hosted the 3 OSU Dairy Extension webinars on Optimizing Production Through Facilities.
    • Hosted the Soil Health and Cover Crops webinar through the Corn-Soybean-Wheat network.
    • Held a National Plant Diagnostics Network First Detector Training Program with Nancy Taylor as a presenter.  The program was organized in cooperation with the Master Gardener volunteers living in Mercer County and had 29 participants.
    • Served as a moderator for the Soil Health programs during the Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference.
    • Assisted with a Precision Conservation Program held in cooperation with the Mercer County Soil and Water Conservation office.

  • Held a Private Applicator Pesticide License Testing workshop.

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Miami County

    • Hosted, coordinated and taught tree biology and disease management for fruit trees to 32 participants at Fruit and Ornamental Tree Pruning Short Course.
    • Conducted and taught Fertilizer Applicator Certification training for 48 individuals.
    • Conducted and taught Pesticide Applicator Recertification to 46 individuals.
    • Hosted four Corn, Soybean, and Wheat Connection webinars (OSU Agronomic Crops Team). Sent reminders, coordinated with presenters, recorded webinars and posted on website, emailed participants, etc.
    • Hosted and organized Estate Planning Meeting for 17 participants.
    • Taught Category 6 Fumigation three times in Shelby County and Preble County to 255 total pesticide applicators.
    • Taught MGV Orientation, History of Extension. Soils, Invasive Insects and Plants to 15 new MGV Interns and 15 current MGVs.
    • Taught Introduction to Beekeeping in Champaign County to 17 participants.
    • Taught Private Pesticide Applicator Exam Preparation (Core) class to 13 participants.
    • Hosted State Specialist, Entomology for Bed Bug Workshop in partnership with Miami County Health Department with 45 participants.

  • Taught Equipment Basics (67 participants) and Bee Basics (65 participants) at Southwest Ohio Beekeeper School in Loveland, Ohio.

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Shelby County

    • Hosted West Ohio Agronomy Day held January 9, 2017. About 155 were in attendance with 77 completing Private Pesticide Applicator Training and 82 completing the two-hour Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training.
    • Evening Portion of West Ohio Agronomy Day was held January 17th. At this program, we provided recertification training for 48 Private Pesticide Applicators and the two-hour Fertilizer Applicator Certification Training for 27 individuals.
    • Assisted teaching at Pesticide Recertification and Fertilizer Certification programs in Auglaize, Mercer, Champaign, Logan, and Clark Counties.
    • Moderated at the Commercial Pesticide Recertification program in Dayton.
    • Taught at two Quality Assurance programs for Shelby County 4-H youth.
    • Taught with Jeff Stachler at three three-hour Fertilizer Applicator Certification training, one in Delphos having 66 participants and two in Botkins having 127 participants.
    • Worked with local EMA as an “Emergency Response Drill” was planned and executed. This scenario involved an accident with a leak and a plume of hazardous gas going over the fairgrounds during Wednesday of County Fair week.
    • Wrote 12 articles for the newspaper and prepared 12 radio programs.
    • Made most of the planning meetings for our “Women in Ag, An Empowerment Celebration”
    • Held an Active Shooter Training for office complex (OSUE, SWCD/NRCS, FSA) in early February.

  • Moderated sessions at Conservation Tillage Conference for two days.

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Union County

    • Participated in Union County Junior Fair Livestock Committee meetings.
    • Participated in “Women in Agriculture” planning meeting.
    • Assisting with Miami County ANR Educator to cover for Champaign County ANR Educator out on maternity leave.
    • Assisted with Jr. Fair Beef Exhibitor Steer Tag-In for Union County and Richwood Fairs at the Union County Fairgrounds on January 7th.
    • Planned and assisted with “Conservation Tillage Club” meetings held on four dates in cooperation with Hardin County Extension.
    • Co-planned and held 4 “Farmers Breakfast Club” meetings with Delaware and Madison Counties.
    • Taught Core and Category 6 at Champaign County Pesticide Applicator Training.
    • Co-planned and held the 2017 Grain Outlook meeting with Madison and Champaign Counties.
    • Taught Ag Safety at Mahoning County Extension and Mahoning County Farm Bureau Workers Compensation Meeting.
    • Attended the Estate Planning Workshop on February 9th hosted by the Union County Agriculture Association and sponsored by a local law firm.
    • Co-planned and co-taught with Hardin County a Cover Crop workshop in Mt. Victory on February 10th having 43 participants.
    • Planned and taught at the Union County Pesticide Recertification and Fertilizer Certification event on February 16th having 55 attendees.
    • Taught Livestock Quality Assurance on February 16th having 30 participants.
    • Planned and taught at the Pesticide Recertification training having 33 attendees and Fertilizer Certification having 82 attendees at Evolution Ag on February 22nd.
    • Co-planned and attended the second Farmers Breakfast Club meeting on February 24th. Mark Loux was the guest speaker with around 25 attendees.
    • Attended the first of four workshops in a series sponsored by Richwood Bank – the ROAR series on February 28th. This workshop was “R” – Reputation Management, Building Your Professional Brand.

  • Continued work on Union County ANR blog.

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Team and Program Updates

Women in Agriculture

Northwest Ohio Women in Ag Conference (Susan Zies reporting)

It takes place this Friday, March 31st , we have 184 attendees registered for the event. We have had to turn people away as our lunch capacity room is 200 and we are a bit over with legislators and committee member’s attending.

Our title is Women In Ag as it has been for the past 24 years. Next year this will be our 25th anniversary for this program. Our keynote speaker is Katie Pinke, Communications Consultant and Event Speaker, Wishek , North Dakota. Here topic is “Finding Your Voice”

Ashtabula County WIA

Today’s Ashtabula County Women in Agriculture program is focusing on developing our human resources capacity. Personality assessment, mission statements and goals, and family communication. Plus lots of opportunities to make connections with women from Ashtabula County who have a passion for agriculture.

AgricultuHER: Finding Your Voice (Amanda Bennett reporting)

Miami and Champaign Counties, along with each county’s Farm Bureau,  held an AgricultuHER: Finding Your Voice event on November 3, 2016. There were 26 women in attendance representing five counties.  Session included:  Navigating Conversations When Emotions are Strong; Telling Your Story through Media; and Promoting Agriculture. All sessions were aimed to better equip female producers to speak with clientele and others about agricultural production. Some comments from the evening included: “Best women in ag event I’ve been to! Hope you have another!” and “Tonight was very informative and the examples given are very helpful to promote agricultural in our community.”

Women’s Small Engine Class

Want to learn more about small engine troubleshooting and repair? Then join us in Hamilton, OH on February 23 to learn with other women during this hands-on class. Find details at Women’s Small Engine Class or contact Cindy Meyer at OSU Extension, Butler County at (513) 887-3722 or meyer.842@osu.edu

Lady Landlord Program

Coshocton County and Putnam County OSU Extension will host a Women in Agriculture program on Saturday, February 11 from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. The interactive Lady Landlord workshop provides women landowners with the confidence, skills, and resources necessary to interact with tenants, develop and negotiate lease arrangements, and more. Registration includes all materials with lunch provided.

East Ohio Women in Agriculture Conference

Female farmers, growers and those women interested in becoming farm operators can learn more about the industry during a conference offered by Ohio State University Extension, which is the outreach arm of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University. The East Ohio Women in Agriculture Conference is March 24 from 9 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. at the R.G. Drage Career Technical Center, 2800 Richville Drive Southwest, in Massillon.

The event is targeted toward women, including those of high school age, who are interested in, involved in or want to become involved in food, agricultural or natural resources production or small business, said Heather Neikirk, an OSU Extension educator and co-organizer of the conference.


The Paulding County Extension office will be hosting an AgricultuHER; Women in Agriculture program on February 15, 2017 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Paulding County Extension Office, 503 Fairground Drive, Paulding, OH 45879. This one-day intensive educational program is intended for the female producer or farm wife. This class will be tailored toward farm financial management including cash rental agreements, Microsoft Excel basics, and balancing farm and family life.

Other items of interest include:

    • Monthly Zoom calls. All are welcome to join the 3rd Thursday of the month.
    • Annie’s Project has an interest around the state but finding enough participants in one location seems to be the key. A retreat style program is being tossed around and more conversation will follow.
    • National Annie’s Project has a new partnership with Nationwide Financial

  • Like us on Facebook @OHwomeninag or follow us on Twitter @OHwomeninag or follow our blog.

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Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP)

Private Applicators

  • New Educator PAT & FACT Training Orientation.   Jenny Andon has been reaching out to all new ANR educators about resources that are available to them for teaching private applicators, as well as to provide an orientation to Ohio pesticide and fertilizer applicator requirements.   Contact Jenny or Mimi Rose with any questions or needs.
  • Private Applicator Recertification and FACT training.  Approximately 103 PAT and 136 FACT meetings were held in counties during the 2016-2017 private recertification season that ended March 31.  Congratulations to all educators for their hard work and dedication this season!  At last count (3/6/17), 14,583 fertilizer applicators have been certified since inception of the program.  There are 14 additional FACT certification meetings scheduled before the certification deadline (9/30/17).

We’ve had evaluations turned in for only about 1/3 of the winter meetings so far.  Please continue to turn in county PAT and FACT evaluations to PSEP and we will return a one-page summary to you.

Because there were shortages, we reprinted the 2017 Private Pesticide Applicator Proceedings and still have plenty on hand.   If you are planning any summer field days, please consider using some of these great resources so they aren’t wasted.  Also contact us if you need more FACT training manuals or more GET CERTIFIED! posters.   For any large FACT meetings that may be planned for August or September prior to the deadline, please contact us for manuals well in advance to make sure we have enough.

  • Worker Protection Standard.   The Worker Protection Standard was substantially revised in 2015 and compliance with most new provisions was required in January 2017.   PSEP has reached out on this topic this winter to over 400 growers at key grower association meetings, recertification conferences, and six workshops held around the state.   For more information on WPS or locations of future WPS workshops, contact PSEP or see the WPS page at pested.osu.edu.

Commercial Pesticide Applicators

  • New Commercial Applicator Training.   We have trained 193 new commercial pesticide applicators so far this year, with 4 more programs to be offered in 2017 (April 18, May 23, August 22, October 3).   ANR educators may attend our new applicator program at no charge, contact us if interested.
  • Recertification.  Good weather and a strong program contributed to excellent attendance (3344) at the four 2017 Commercial Pesticide Applicator Conferences held this past winter, which is up about 6% from last year.   Sincere thanks to all OSU faculty and staff who contributed to a successful program by speaking, moderating, or assisting at registration!

TENTATIVE dates for the 2018 Commercial Pesticide Applicator Recertification Conferences are below.

  • January 11, 2018 (Thursday) – Dayton Convention Center
  • January 31, 2018 (Wednesday) – Akron, John S. Knight Center
  • February 15, 2017 (Thursday) – Sandusky, Kalahari Convention Center
  • February 23, 2017 (Friday) – Columbus Convention Center

Important Dates

Pesticide Advisory Committee April 7, 2017.  Ohio Department of Agriculture, Reynoldsburg, OH.
Please communicate with your EERA’s committee representative if you have PAT/FACT issues to discuss with the other EERAs at this meeting.

Urban Landscape Pest Recertification Conference.  September 27, 2017.   4-H Center, Columbus, OH.

Pesticide/Fertilizer Educator In-service – December 12-13, 2017.    4-H Center, Columbus, OH.

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Ohio Conservation Volunteer Naturalist (OCVN)

The Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist (OCVN) is a natural resources outreach and service program.  Participants receive 40 hours of combined classroom and field instruction, upon completing the instruction they provide annual volunteer service primarily to local, state, and national parks in Ohio in areas such as education, citizen science, and land stewardship.   https://ocvn.osu.edu/

 New OCVN Courses

OSU Extension offices in Perry and Medina are now offering the 4O hour OCVN course.

 New Volunteer Service Database

Our new volunteer service database this year we can now issue certifications directly to participants.  Course hosts can create reports and send e-mails to course participants from this system.

July 15 Summer Event Registration Opening Soon

We are co-hosting a one day event with the Wilderness Center where OCVNs can obtain their 8 hours of continuing education required for re-certification.

2016 Outcomes

OCVN was offered by 22 state and local park districts and Extension offices.  We certified 142 volunteer naturalists who provided 6000 volunteer hours to 73 organizations valued at $143,000.

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Forage Team

The OSU Forage website is currently being developed.

Members helped in organizing the Feb 3, 2017 Ohio Forage & Grassland Conference.

Members presented programs for Ohio Forage and Grassland Council, Winfield Solutions, Small Farm, College, Women in Agriculture, and numerous Pesticide Recertification and Fact Trainings.

Members are, and will continue to be writing for the Farm and Dairy magazine in the “All about Grazing” column.  Articles have been scheduled for the entire 2017 year.

Team members have published recent articles in Progressive Forage Magazine, Farm and Dairy, C.O.R.N., Ohio Cattleman, and the Ohio Beef Cattle Newsletter.

Members are currently planning spring grazing tours and pasture walks.

At the 2017 Farm Science Review the Gwynne Conservation area will be hosting educational presentations and forage demonstration plots.  Plans are currently under development.

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Nutrient Stewardship for Cleaner Water Signature Program


  • The Nutrient Stewardship for Cleaner Water initiative is an Ohio State University Extension Signature Program designed to improve water quality by helping growers efficiently use nitrogen and phosphorus to keep more of it on the field resulting in increased crop yields and farm profits and cleaner water.


  • Fertilizer is essential to Ohio crop production. But, if nutrient applications are not managed, farm field nitrogen and phosphorus can be lost into water resources and promote hazardous algal blooms. When nutrient sources are applied using the correct rates, timing and placement less nutrient are lost offsite reducing algae growth.
  • Major water quality problems have occurred in Lake Erie, Grand Lake St. Marys and other Ohio water resources in recent years.  Within these aquatic ecosystems, harmful organisms in the form of algal blooms have also been present.
  • The Nutrient Stewardship for Cleaner Water initiative is an Ohio State University Extension Signature Program designed to improve water quality by helping growers lessen the use of nitrogen and phosphorus and keep more of it on the field, while increasing crop yields and boosting farm profits.


The Nutrient Stewardship for Cleaner Water program focuses on:

  • Verifying and developing best management practices for farm field nitrogen and phosphorus application and timing to limit soluble nutrient loss from farm fields.
  • Verifying the Tri-State Fertilizer Recommendation Guide for crop production and environmental impacts.
  • Educating farmers and industry on best management practices and water quality impacts.
  • Developing a voluntary Nutrient Management Plan for growers and producers.
  • Evaluating of the impact of the program on the improvement of the quality of Ohio waters.


Educators report that over 90% of OSU Extension clientele have adopted soil testing and most follow Tri-State fertilizer recommendations for agronomic and other crops and are using organic and inorganic n

Survey results from FACT meetings found the following from participants:

    • 75% agreed or strongly agreed that farm field phosphorous is a significant problem to our water resources (streams, rivers, lakes).
    • 61% agreed or strongly agreed that they would change their nutrient management practices as a result of the meeting.

Fields with high nutrient loss risk have been identified. The implementation of appropriate cost effective Best Management Practices on these fields will be studied for effectiveness of reduction in nutrient loss.

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Interesting News Stories

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Vol. 4, Issue 5, March 15, 2017

Message from the Assistant Director

Another Pest Ed. season is nearly in the books. In addition, the initial three years of FACT training are also coming to an end.  During this first three-year period, OSUE was the sole provider of the three hour FACT programs.  We developed the curriculum, and started delivering programs in September of 2014, several months ahead of schedule.  This early start was in response to the Toledo water crisis in August of 2014, and was possible due to the hard work put into curriculum development during the summer of 2014.  To date, there have been 294 FACT programs conducted for 14,584.  Of that number, 13,529 have been formally certified by the ODA (there is a lag time between the training and when ODA issues the certificate). Continue reading

Vol. 4, Issue 4, March 1, 2017

Message from the Assistant Director

This is a new section of the newsletter where I will provide you with updates on some of the things I’ve been working on.  Since I ask you for updates, I thought it was only fair for me to do the same.

Since October, I have been with working closely with the CFAES finance office on changes in PAT funds handling.  These changes were mandated by OSU internal audit for the entire college.  The academic units have been undergoing changes in funds handling over the last two years, and now it’s our turn. Continue reading

Vol. 4, Issue 3, Feb. 15, 2017

Personnel Updates

  • Henry County ANR state screenings were on February 1 with county screenings scheduled for February 20.
  • Williams Co. is going to hire an additional ANR Educator to work with Flo Chirra.  That position will be posted soon.
  • Barb Brahm, Interim RD for the SE Region has announced her retirement effective May 31 of 2017.  The search process for this position is just beginning with Tom Archer as the search committee chair.
  • The search for a new Dean/Vice President of Agricultural Operations is continuing.  Two candidates have been brought to campus to date.

Continue reading

Vol. 4, Issue 2, Jan. 31, 2017

Personnel Updates

  • Jeff McCutcheon has been named the SE Region Director. Jeff has been serving in this role as the interim since July 1 of 2015. Congratulations Jeff!
  • Aaron Wilson with the Byrd Polar Climate Research Center is now ½ time in the ANR office Effective January 2.
  • Christine Smedley is the new program assistant for ANR/IPM in Wayne Co. effective January 12.
  • Haley Drake is the new ANR program coordinator in Mahoning Co. effective January 12.
  • Robin Christsen is the new ANR Educator in Portage Co. effective December 12.
  • Tom DeHaas is the new ANR Educator in Lake Co. Effective December 12.
  • Dean Kreager is the new ANR Educator in Licking Co. effective November 14.
  • Beth Scheckelhoff has accepted the Putnam Co. ANR position. Her starting date is yet TBD.
  • Sayeed Mehmoud, has accepted the forest management extension specialist position in SENR. Sayeed is coming to us from the University of Arkansas at Monticello. His start date is TBD.
  • Henry Co. ANR state screenings will be on February 1 with county screenings TBD
  • Williams Co. is going to hire an additional ANR Educator to work with Flo Chirra. That position will be posted soon.
  • Barb Brahm, Interim RD for the SE Region has announced her retirement effective May 31, 2017. The search process for this position is beginning with Tom Archer as the search committee chair.
  • The search for a new Dean/Vice President of Agricultural Operations is continuing. Two candidates have been brought to campus to date.

Continue reading

Vol. 3, Issue 19, Oct. 15, 2016

Personnel Updates

  • Lauren Vargo started on October 3 as a program coordinator for CD/ANR in Cuyahoga County.  Welcome to ANR Lauren!
  • Judy Wheeland started on September 19 as a program assistant with the USFS Forestry Sciences lab in Delaware.  Welcome to ANR Judy!
  • Chris Hogan started as a research associate in Ag. and Resource Law on September 19.  Chris is located in Wood County.  Welcome to ANR Chris!
  • Courtney Woelfl started on September 9 as a program coordinator for ANR in Cuyahoga County.  Welcome to ANR Courtney!
  • Eric Roberts started on September 6 as an ANR program assistant in Clark County.  Welcome to ANR Eric!
  • Jessica Bowen started on September 1 as the County ANR Educator in Vinton County.  Welcome to ANR Jessica!
  • Elizabeth Hawkins started September 1 as the Agronomic Crops Field Specialist.  She is located in the Clinton Co. Office. Welcome to ANR Elizabeth!
  • Henry County ANR will soon be re-posted with state and county screenings TBD.
  • Portage County ANR is posted with state and county screenings TBD
  • Lake County ANR has been re-posted with state screenings tentatively scheduled for November
  • The SE RD interviews were held on October 3 and 4.
  • The School of Environment and Natural Resources has advertised a position for an extension forest economics, management, and policy specialist position.  The review of applicants will start in late October.  Stay tuned for more details!

Continue reading

Ohio Academy of Sciences

Ohio State recently joined The Ohio Academy of Science as an institutional member. Ohio State faculty, staff and students are now able to join the academy at no cost. To join, go to the Ohio Academy of Science website (www.ohiosci.org/members) and look for institutional memberships.   Complete the form and submit. At checkout use the coupon code OHIOSTATE to cover the cost of a professional membership. Be sure to use your official Ohio State email address in the application.

Making sure you’re covered by University liability insurance when applying pesticides on the job

If an employee is applying pesticides as part of their job duties, that employee should complete the OSU Employee Health Registry and indicate they are exposed to pesticides.  This will kick off the annual employee physical process. If the employee is licensed and trained, then the employee would be covered as a university employee wherever he/she is performing official job duties.  If an accident happened where the employee was injured, it would be a worker’s compensation issue which is managed by HR.

The link for the Employee Health Registry is:  https://rf.osu.edu/secure/ochre/

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or Amy Burns in College HR.

Verbiage to ensure a landowner hosting an OSU program is insured

Please see below for verbiage that can be put on OSU letterhead that insures a landowner for hosting an OSU program.  Note that the letter should be signed before the program date.  This can be used for any landowner.  Municipalities should have their own insurance, what you see below is more geared for private homeowners and landowners.

Dear [Landowner],

Thank you for permitting participants in the Ohio State University Extension [Name] program to access your property for purposes of conducting a nature walk on [date(s)].  Should you know of any condition on your property that may be hazardous or that you wish the [Name] program to avoid, please let me know prior to [date of program].  In consideration for granting such access, you are hereby named as an additional insured on the Ohio State University’s program of insurance for purposes of this activity.  You may access evidence of our insurance information by going to http://u.osu.edu/treasurer/files/2014/09/The-Ohio-State-University_GL-Cert-14.15-B-1kj3iu8.pdf.

We appreciate your support of the Ohio State University Extension program.



Central State University Contact

Central State officially became Ohio’s second Land Grant University on October 1, 2015.  As a reminder, any extension employee contacted by representatives of Central State University needs to refer them to Ken Martin.  These contacts can include requests for information, requests to serve on advisory committees/councils, requests to plan and conduct programs, etc.  This is being done to ensure that we have clear consistent communication and interaction with CSU.