Short biography

Dr Ahmed Abdelhamid joined the Food Microbiology Research group of Dr. Ahmed Yousef at The Ohio State University (OSU) Since March, 2018.  His research focuses on developing a strategy to disrupt desiccation resistance in Salmonella enterica strains associated with outbreaks in low-moisture foods. Part of his collaborative research involves investigation of how foods or food processing approaches change virulence of foodborne pathogens. Nonetheless, part of his research interests is devoted to unraveling probiotics with beneficial traits for human health and food applications. Before joining OSU, he led a two-year funded project to find probiotic strains with the potential of combating antibiotic resistant clinical bacteria. During his PhD, he worked under supervision of Dr Mansel Griffiths, at University of Guelph, Canada. His PhD led to the first description of probiotics to produce omega-3 fatty acids.