Multiple Positions for Graduate Students

We are recruiting multiple graduate students in the Yang group.  Our research is focused on spin, magnetic, and topological phenomena in complex materials and heterostructures, including complex oxides, topological insulators, intermetallics, and metallic systems. Our group uses ultrahigh vacuum off-axis and on-axis sputtering and molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE) for epitaxial film growth of a variety of complex materials with state-of-the-art quality, which provide a versatile platform for the exploration of intriguing new sciences and development of new technologies. 

Postdoctoral Positions

Two postdoctoral positions are open in Yang Group for the following projects:

  1. Terahertz Spintronics with Antiferromagnetic Insulators. This project will focus on the growth of epitaxial magnetic films and heterostructures using off-axis sputtering, patterning of micro/nano-scale structures, characterization of their structural, electrical, magnetic, and spin transport properties, and investigation of high frequency dynamics and switching of antiferromagnet insulator based structures.
  2. Room Temperature Nanoscale Magnetic Skyrmions. This project will focus on the growth of film-based skyrmion materials and heterostructures using off-axis sputtering, fabrication of patterned structures for skyrmion manipulation, and characterization of the skyrmion materials using electrical, magnetic, and imaging techniques

Applicants should be able to independently conceive and carry out research projects as well as coordinate a research team in a collaborative environment.  Applicants should send CV, list of publication, and 2-3 names of references to: