Our Group’s Focus

Our research is focused on spin, magnetic, and topological phenomena in complex materials and heterostructures, including complex oxides, Heusler compounds, semiconductor nanostructures, and metallic systems. In the past several years, our group has developed a unique deposition technique for epitaxial film growth of a variety of complex materials with state-of-the-art quality, which provide a versatile platform for the exploration of intriguing new science and development of new technologies. This new capability has led to exciting new discoveries and a large number of publications; we expect this trend to continue.

Overall, the research focus of our group has been and will continue to be the growth of epitaxial films and heterostructures of complex materials that enable discovery of new phases/phenomena and understanding of their underlying mechanisms in the frontier fields of condensed matter and materials research.

New state-of-the-art deposition chamber under development

Currently, the Yang Group is building a new ultrahigh vacuum deposition system funded by the OSU MRSEC.  This system will include two inter-connected deposition chambers: one incorporates the sputtering technique that we developed with high pressure Reflective High Energy Electron Diffraction (RHEED) capability for in-situ monitoring; and the other is a molecular beam epitaxy system for epitaxial growth of Bismuth-based topological insulator films.  This will allow precise control of heterostructures of complex materials and fabrication of predictively designed layer structures that do not exist in nature for exploration of new phenomena.  As a result of our expanding capabilities, our group has moved to a new lab with larger space as of summer 2014.